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  1. Still not too late to demand a replacement.
  2. You could by 100 cameras by any manufactuer, including Leica, and that wouldn't happen again... 20 frames is just a lemon and they happen to every manufactuer somewhere along the line.
  3. That could be seen as a plus... i.e. APS-C having more depth of field per aperture. Not everyone's a bokeh freak...
  4. I don't think many expected a M10.
  5. I think you better learn a little more about the M8 before you buy. It seems like the wrong tool for the job.
  6. And some people appear to be immune from this aspect (feel) of a camera. To some, it's all about the best bang for their buck and having the most up to date, not the best tool for them to actually be comfortable photographin with.
  7. Nikon is rumored to be releasing the D800 very, very soon. Nikon D800 specs recap | Nikon Rumors Canon too: http://photorumors.com/2011/10/12/new-canon-dslr-on-october-18th/ Well, not really... they need to fill the M9-P orders they have. Plus, I don't think Leica really factors in what Nikon and Canon are doing these days. Totally different philosophies on what a camera should be IMO.
  8. Why did I buy this M9 when I could have bought 2,333 Big Macs or 7,000 Hot Dogs?
  9. Yes, they kind of were... I mean Canon copied Leica's screw mount cameras initially and then went from there... of course, it made its own little tweaks and stuff, but ... you get what I'm saying.
  10. Much better might be a stretch... but the fact that Fuji can make a 23mm f/2 lens, that when paired with the X100, is cheaper than the summarit by $400...and even come close to the 35mm Summarit is a amazing achievement IMO.
  11. While I own the M9 and agree that it is too expensive, it is a totally different camera than the Nex-7 (which appears to be cool as well). However, you are comparing a mass produced, APS-C, EVF camera to a semi-hand made, full frame, mechanical rangefinder camera...which ultimately is not fair unless you are immune to ergonomics and never fell in love with mechanical rangefinders in the first place.
  12. jsrockit

    X1 RAW

    If you are serious about your photography it is worth it.
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