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  1. E46 M would have been a better choice. #bucketlist You could honestly get a less expensive camera that can accomplish majority of what you need.
  2. I'm having the same problem... when transferring images from the TL2, 50% - 99%, I get connection fails. I couldn't figure it out so I just connect the cable to a laptop. Kinda sucks because, I want to connect and transfer to my iPhone for quick posting during holidays.
  3. I didnt buy it for the video capability but here is a sample. Make sure you toggle to 4K. Otherwise, the camera will serve me well on my travels. vimeo.com/227575133/3aeebae0d2
  4. or HAM radios.. hahaha. I cant help it. LOL
  5. Popped the cherry and the first image off the TL2 with 23 Cron. JPEG version off the camera that I transferred off iOS app and then uploaded here.
  6. blimey


  7. Can you confirm if you were using Visioflex? I received mine a couple of hours ago and been shooting stuff indoor. So far so good. I dont have a Visioflex tho so I think I should be good.
  8. indeed. everyone is except one.
  9. He is so smart that he cannot follow simple instruction on this thread. It is meant to track patterns on faulty units and not for embellishing. Let's get back on track here.
  10. hey fastfashn, everyone is entitled to their own opinion just like you are but your comments are rude and childish. keep it classy and spare us the snide remarks.
  11. It looks like I'll be returning mine from PopFlash. If Leica can confirm fast that it is fixable via firmware, then that would be sweet. If it is a hardware related issue then it is more difficult. I wonder what the non-Leica users are saying now? Pitch-folks are out.
  12. hardly an explanation.. mine comes on Thurs, I'll will share my experience.
  13. Anyone have any experience on either? Match Technical is a bit cheaper.
  14. Do you have the black color one? How is the paint holding up?
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