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  1. Thank you! This happened to me today for the 1st time, and I didn't want it to be in video mode. My attempt to get out of the video mode by pressing the video button was fruitless. Frustrated as hell. Getting into the video mode by setting how you view the backscreen makes no sense to me. I'm glad the solution above from 6 years ago still works today.
  2. May I suggest you use a different word rather than "variant" when referring to this camera? 😅
  3. I didn't know the TL 35 1.4 could produce a swirly bokeh.
  4. justbananas: I haven't had a chance to fulling test it, but here're my first impression: The good...build is fine, not over-build hence not heavy, but not plasticky either. Image quality is good with nice details. Produce nice colors but doesn't de-throne the 35 in this regard. The not so good...I'm surprised to find the focusing on the slow side, slower than the 35 1.4 especially in dim light despite being a lighter lens. Sometimes it hunts a bit before settling. At minimum focuing distance or close to it, sometimes it missed the subject entirely and instead focused on the object behind it in the background. On this point, I need to mention that I'm not a macro shooter and do not know much about it. I'm attaching a snapshot example for you. I took this lens out on the street today. He was playing blues with a slide guitar, and pretty good at it. The light was harsh, the background bad, and I couldn't move him.
  5. PDP: Your point is well taken. Thank you. For model shoot, I plan to continue using Sony A7RII with the 55. I like working closer to the model even if there's enough room in the studio.
  6. Never mind that. I posted that pic in another section of the forum. Sorry, my bad.
  7. I posted a picture of the Golden Gate here, but it disappeared. Not sure what happened. I'm reluctant to post it again if it was taken out by page admin. If this is the case, it'd be helpful for me to understand the reason. Thank you.
  8. I got into the CL just last month. I love the color science of this camera especially when paired with the TL 35 1.4.
  9. If you don't mind buying used, the main auction site seems to have them. Not in abundance, just a few but steadiliy. I just picked mine up from the site last month.
  10. Mine doesn't demonstrate any temperature issue even in the summer. I use it for stills only and it's my habit to turn off the camera unless I anticipate a shot.
  11. Many thanks for all your replies and samples. They have helped me decide on the TL60. I have ordered the lens from a Leica shop. Cheers.
  12. Jacek.PL: images from the SL90/2 do look very nice. Skin tone looks natural and beautiful. Thank you.
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