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  1. Oh I’ll take a look at this thread and try it. Thanks 😊
  2. Another dodgy RAW file. This time the artefact appears across the middle of the shot. Strange. Will try a different SD Card to see if the problem occurs again.
  3. Yeah just the one image, the similar photos either side were fine. It looks fine when I’m viewing it back on the camera, just shows up when I bring across the DNG file.
  4. Actually here is a closeup of the edge. At first it looked like numbers and text!
  5. Hi there. Just wonder if anyone has seen anything like this before? Was shot on the Leica Q2 Mono at native 28mm f1.7 and 6400iso. I’ve downloaded to Lightroom and also direct to my phone and the outputted image was the same. Could it be a corrupt file from the memory card?
  6. Yeah it’s amazing. I’m getting beautiful nighttime street shots straight out of cameras at 25000 iso at f8. Amazing tones and contrast. i have noticed I have to stop under by 1 stop during the day on low iso and at night on high ISO I’m best shooting at the correct exposure and the files sing for themselves. Q2M is a perfect match for my SL2 and M10D.
  7. I didn't see that auction. I guess the limited edition lenses / cameras always make money over time. This little lens is very handsome though lol. A bit like the black paint version too.
  8. One on Red Dot Cameras London https://www.reddotcameras.co.uk/m-lenses/17203-leica-summilux-m-35mm-f20-asph-6-bit-black-chrome-boxed.html
  9. Not a Noctilux shot but this 50cm Summitar f2 lens always reminds me of the early Noctilux lenses. Again that background out of focus really brings the photo to life. Leica M10D - 50cm Summitar @f2
  10. Size comparison between the 0.95 and the 1.2 Smaller than I thought! Wide open the 0.95 is quite amazing. Sharp across the frame and a smoother out of focus rendering. The 1.2 is sharp in the centre with a slight glow. It's very nice. The out of focus rendering has more of a swirl with a more busy rendering. At f8 both lenses are almost identical! F8 really is the great leveller. These older lenses always remind me of an Pointillism painting, almost like dabs of a paint brush. I always think the modern lenses out of focus rendering disappears, whereas the older lenses becom
  11. Trunk@1.2 Leica SL2 - Noctilux-M f1.2 V2
  12. I’ve shot Leica for years. Both film and digital, but this lens on the SL2 has left me speechless.
  13. I love the B&W shots of the orchard. Both the wide shots and the close ups look very beautiful. I've had this lens a while now (along with the 45mm 2.8) and it really is great. I love shooting small, slower lenses for a lot of my work. I love shooting my APO35SL but I really wish Leica would produce a nice set of compact slow prime lenses for the SL. A nice 28/35/50mm f2.8 or f3.4 would be most welcome.
  14. Yeah it should be. I wanted a native SL lens and decided to go for the APO35SL as I already have the APO50M. Seemed like a good choice. It’s big and heavy compared to an M lens but worth it for the image quality. No regrets.
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