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  1. Wrapping in tin foil sounds like a good idea. I’ll pop it in the over at 200 degrees then search with roast potatoes 😉
  2. I still have my M8 and shot at 160 base ISO it still produces stunning images.
  3. Thank you for the information. Much appreciated.
  4. Unfortunately it's EasyJet 😭 So might not get there at all!
  5. For me the M11 is the best I've used. I'm still amazed my the resolution bump and extra dynamic range over the M10. Colours are great on the M11 though I was never in anyway disappointed by the M10 colours.
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to check something as I couldn't find much info about it apart from one small strand from the M9 days. I'm flying from London to Berlin and want to take my M11 with me. I remember there was a lot of talk about sensors being damaged by cosmic radiation during flights. Is this still a problem with newer sensors? Was the stories originally blown out of proportions etc? Any info would be most welcome 🙂
  7. The M10D is my have digital M ever. I was going to sell mine after getting the M11 but I just can’t let go!
  8. Smooth and successful update via the IOS App. Great stuff.
  9. Will see how it gets on. I used the same strap with the Q2M and that's holding up well.
  10. Yeah luckily I just get away with it length wise. I just can't put any weight on!
  11. Using the stock one that came with the camera. Love those straps.
  12. OOC JPEG in high contrast film style. 50mm Elmer-M.
  13. I’ll make sure I use a Leica lens too. Don’t want the Voigtlander or Zeiss look 😉
  14. I tend to use the Q2M for black and white. I can do some black and white shots though.
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