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  1. never heard about that model before ? any difference with the normal German made one M2?
  2. I should resume the thread I've started in Văn Chương old residential neighbourhood. playing badminton by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr the baber in his shop by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr in the playground by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr bicycles by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr
  3. Really? is it true that the copy variations ever exsit in Leica Lens manufacturing? I thought that their QA/QC is top notch?
  4. Look at those images created by the Summaron, along with my experiece with it shortly in 2 years ago, I think this time I will keep 2 35mm lenses with me. Obviously, the previous generation optical designers in Leica had left quite minor room for improvements. Such a tough job for Pete Karbe and his team now I guess.
  5. After exact 2 years, I've treated myself a gift. I just bought a M4 and a 35/2.8 summaron, this time, the one is newer and even with matched hood 12571J Couldn't happier. I think I will keep 2 bodies 2 lenses for at least a year to see the outputs from those. Which combo do you prefer?
  6. I've used (in time order) m6 m7 m2 m3 and now the m4So the m4 is nothing too new. But I have to admit after 3 years shooting with m2, the quick loading of m4 is something quite nice. I should add that I have a 35 summaron 2.8 on the mail, so I will have 2 setups to shoot with my beloved focal length 35mm.
  7. So, I just add a M4 to my Leica gear. Still not sure if I prefer the M4 or current workhorse M2 If you were me, which one suits your taste? And why? Thanks.
  8. After school time, parents are waiting for their children to pick them up After school time by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr
  9. Hi folks, I've not managed to post photos for a long time, until now. Hope you enjoy! Before departure by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr workers in Long Bien bridge renovation project by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr
  10. The reason why I asked because this 35/2.8 is not listed in Dr. Mandler designs in this link http://www.l-camera-forum.com/leica-wiki.en/index.php/Walter_Mandler Anyway, I read somewhere that Leica stopped making the Summaron because they did not want it to compete directly with the more expensive (and probably more profit) 35/2 Summicron.
  11. Dear John, By any chance you know about the designer of the 35/2.8 Summaron? I am curious while it has the same outfit with the 35/2 I which designed by Dr. Mandler, there is quite little information about this gem. Another question is why Leica stopped making the 35mm F/2.8 lines for so long until recently they issue the Summarit F2.4/2.5. After making switch from 35/2 IV to this Summaron, more and more I like it and would love to know about its history. Thanks. Trung
  12. Is it the capability of the lens or the body's sensor that made this very high detailed image?
  13. sleeping on motorbike by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr
  14. sleeping on motorbike by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr
  15. continue to the theme "motorbike" chatting on motorbike by Trung Nguyen, on Flickr
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