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  1. So true. I only use one camera and most of the time one lens. The rest stays home most of the time... 😊
  2. After being 5 years without Leica bought a M10p with 35 and 75 in december 2018. Now it is bit more... Lens carrier of a M6. 50mm voigt. 80-200 R lens with m adapter. macro adapter 10mm. visoflex 020. different straps. Ona bag (leica edition). xrite colormunki and passport. ex disk WhiBal graycard. SD card holder leica. Oh and top of all Monochrome and 240 USB keyrings.... And stick a black logo over the screw of the M10p... Why... What happend to me... 😉
  3. Yes for sure. I wanted the out of focus part. I have to say the oufro does that what you want better with the 50 and 75. With the 35mm is more macro. I think because the depht of field of the lens.
  4. yes that is posible. the egg photo I took a couple of centimeters of the object. I used the visoflex type 020 for that and not the LCD in lifeview.
  5. just a ring. and with 2 on top of each other more close. here my lunch with 1 and the 35mm
  6. I bought the OUFRO 16469 for that. Works perfect... not too close but nice even with my basic 35mm perfect and easy to carry always in my bag with me.
  7. Jaap, where can i find the ' focus peaking by setting the preview to B&W ' on a M10-P in the menu?
  8. someone try the: E-Clypse Eye Cup 34mm MX for Leica M10?
  9. PasMichiel

    M10 or M10-P

    I think it will be handy with the EVF (I don't have) and looking down... ( Picture Thorsten Overgaard M240 ).
  10. PasMichiel

    M10 or M10-P

    Well, I like the touch screen (some hate, but...) The main is the sound... But in LV I like the the level witch is not in the M10. Only in M10-P
  11. Does someone know if there will be a Thumbs UP CSEP-MX (the EP-MX is for M10) or does the CSEP-10s(s or b) for 240/262 also fit the M10?
  12. I don't know this TU-CSEP-1 (of the M8-M9) will fit. Also I am sure the TU-CSEP-1s won't because it has a flat spot near the wheel. Or does the TU-CSEP-2 (fot X) fit better because the LCD is bigger and there is not enough room between hot shoe and LCD of M10.
  13. Is there a Thumbs-up with extra shoe for the m10? I always used a spirit level to make pictures without looking and not have to correct it later...
  14. I did not. just filled it with black. I think with a needle i could, but I did not.
  15. Lens.... Well the 35mm i like most. the range, weight and the control with that little focus part at the bottum. I like the 35mm more than the 28mm in the rangefinder view. And a couple of steps backwarts is more privacy 😉 For the more depht i use the 75mm. I miss it a little with the 50mm and becourse of the 35mm and 50mm are to close together in it's range I think. And also I find the 90mm too much for nice portret. With mij R I had that really nice 60mm (even with macro), so the 75mm is in it's range so I know when I want to change lens. I have the summarit-m f2.5 for both 35mm a
  16. so normally I have this M black version of the softrelease.
  17. 😉 haha yes, i'm not sure. I now have a black rope strap (was not in stock) and the black M softrelease (and use this one for breastpin). Now I only change the strap for time to time.
  18. rope strap, softrelease, thumb support but also the lens carrier (m6) is my setup. and Permanent marker 😉 to make the top text black of my M10-P. I do hate that the text on the softrelease does not line-up. 😉
  19. I love it. I changed a couple of things ofcourse. Thumb support, Softrelease, Rope strap, but also made de text on top Black 😉 (permanent marker). And from my M6 the carrier for extra Lens.
  20. PasMichiel


    thx. die takjes van de boom waardoor ik de foto maakte vind ik eigenlijk ook wel leuk uitgepakt
  21. and it's a 501b. not an 501a. the a had another bumper:D Next pic I have to find when I'm home
  22. bmw 502 or 501b 1955? But I think the 501 for sure. It has no chrome strip on the site and the 502 does. For real sure I have to see the front. Two headlights for the 501. Four is 502. And if it was not a Cabrio the smaller backwindow is for the 501a the bigger 501b or 502. Also the back would reveil. 501 is 6cyl and 502 v8 (the sign on the back would tell )
  23. When it's not a factory car, it's hard to know if you didn't visit that show where this car was shown.
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