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  1. The guys at Leica Miami say do not use the ir filters for anything except M8. Dan
  2. That will work well but I would recommend a 18 or 23 tl for grab and go. I love the 55-125 for longer shots. I use M, Nikon, and Tl lenses. Have CL for 3 years and love it. Dan
  3. Lim’s thumb grip fits hot shoe and works well for me. Well made. Really helps on TL 55-135. Dan
  4. I have had excellent experience with the 28/2.8. I use my M lenses with Leica adapter. All are sharp and easily focused. Cheers, Dan
  5. That photo is amazing. I have the same camera and lens in addition to 18mm, 23mm, 55-135 TL. I have no interest inCl2 unless it is really something super special. Cheers, Dan
  6. Stays on my CL unless another lens is required. Excellent lens as are the 18 and 55-135 TLs. Dan
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