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  1. Thanks all for making this happen, best wishes to all participants. Here are my votes: #13, 3 pts #30, 2 pts #12, 1 pt
  2. My votes are ... Shot N4 Open all hours - 3 points Shot N9 Unmasked - 2 points Shot N3 Last order please - 1 point
  3. Thanks to all for this fine challenge; all pics are great and a pleasure to see. A special big Thank You to Ravi and Andy for turning the wheels!! My votes: 13 Spanish guitar: 3 points 9 Mummy I have to hide: 2 points 11 Procession: 1 point
  4. Dear Ravi, Topfloor is 2 Persons for Beef, please!
  5. Ravi, thx so much for the effort and the excellent compilation of menus. Topfloor is 2 persons, as you listed. We'd love the 40 Euro Menu but would follow the majority choice, of course. Carsten
  6. After five years of absence we are looking forward to be in Sevilla for the One Challenge. Flights and Hotel (10.-17.10) booked. See you all in Spain!
  7. My voting for the brave participants of the 2015 vienna one night challenge . . . Photo 4 - 3 points - Consolation Photo 8 - 2 points - Romance in the shadows Photo 6 - 1 point - Home
  8. My voting for the 2015 vienna one day challenge . . . Photo 3 - 3 points - Animal Lover? Photo 16 - 2 points - Licensed to wear a watch Photo 2 - 1 point - Donau City Hope all participants had a good time in this lovely city.
  9. Good to see all the entries. My voting: Photo 24 - 3 points Photo 18 - 2 points Photo 17 - 1 point.
  10. Nice to hear that Istanbul was a great place for the challenge and all you came home well ! Vienna - what a cool city, one of my fav. cities in western europe. I was lucky to visit Vienna two times in July and August this year, on my way to and back from Rumania. Hope that the 17th Oct. 2015 won't collide with other private dates on my behalf, but I think we will make it there. So, I can't wait to see your pictures from Istanbul ! Carsten
  11. Thank you to all organizers und Leica-fans who will make the Istanbul Challenge possible. My First Lady and me have to drop out fo the Istanbul Challenge this year (Flights and hotel have been cancelled) for changed private priorities. So it is -1 for the challenge and -2 for dinner etc. We wish you all a great time in Istanbul an dare looking forward to see you photos here in the forum! Carsten & Katharina
  12. Hello Andy, please count my First Lady and me in for every meal in Istanbul (+ 2). Thx, Carsten
  13. @John: Thx for the TV info ! +2 at the Villa Haghia Sophia hotel - arrival 8/10 departure 13/10 this will be our first time at Istanbul, we are looking forward to it ! . . . for any dinner / eating on friday ord saturday, please count us 2 in.
  14. Bath would be a lovely place to visit and refresh my good memories from our first visit in 2002. We are flexible with dates in April.
  15. My congrats to the winners and thank you to Andy for organisation !
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