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  1. The 18y.o isn't a bad drop :0) Slanj
  2. Freelander


    I can only agree with Paul and Stuart :0)
  3. Freelander

    A Lens Test

    Congrats on the new glass. Can I just ask which Hassy that is in the shot? :0)
  4. I've been wanting to try this developer for ages. I finally found a Norwegian that could set me on the right track to the ingredients for this developer. Anyway I got hold of the three basic componats and mixed then together using this receipe which I halved to make 500ml as it is a one shot dev. The film I used was Expired (1997) Kodak T-Max @50asa Development was 20mins at 20℃ Inversions for the first 30 seconds and then 3 for every min. Here is one of the shots from the reel. Camera Leica MP Summicron 90mm F2.0 APO ASPH I can only say that it was great fun to try and will be
  5. Freelander


    Nice shot. I see all kinds of faces in that television :0)
  6. Which is it slow or stop ? :0) Nicely done :0)
  7. Electric Chair 2. Frame and PP in Silver Efex Pro 2 Film Xp2 Scanned Via Epson V700 with Silverfast SW.
  8. Electric Chair :0) One of my Favs from the day taken with my MP-Novoflex-Nikkor combo Film Ilford XP2
  9. Thanks all for your comments and encouragement Kneel at the Alter of the Urban Church by Davidap2009, on Flickr
  10. Death of a Living Room by Davidap2009, on Flickr "…and residents can send their spare time relaxing in our well appointed day room…"
  11. Chair I made my 3rd visit to the hospital yesterday. This time another building (There are several) This shot was taken with my tripod mounted MP with Summilux 35mm f1.4 on Tmax 100 asa which expired in 1997 I rated it at 50asa and developed as for 100asa. The cross in the window frame and the light make this shot for me . As usual comments are very welcome Chair by Davidap2009, on Flickr
  12. What a great shot . Congrats :0)
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