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  1. Only the cameras I really use, even occasionally : Leica S2; LeicaM9, Leica X-U, Leica M5 and M6ttl. Non Leica: Sony A7r2 on Cambo mini view camera with enlarger and Zeiss (s-planar 74mm. )lenses. Contax 645 for film, Yevgeny
  2. Please contact me by personal message when you have printed something of your personal work. My wife said that she lobs how you work with the light. I am of the same opinion. Thank you and and good luck !👍 Yevgeny.
  3. Hello Heko, There still a market , obviously, and we may be interested to buy a couple of your prints from your new darkroom for our personal collection. We avoid buying digital prints for some reason. Yevgeny
  4. ynp

    Leica M Medium Format Rangefinder

    The R in the GFXR has nothing to do with rangefinders. The last real rangefinder from Fuji was the famous Texas Leica. I was a fool to sell it.
  5. ynp

    Leica M Medium Format Rangefinder

    Do you want a bigger mirrorless like a Fuji or a real thing with an optical rangefinder ? Just curious. 😎
  6. The Russian lens is a Zenit. Your wrist watch is Zenith. Same same but different.
  7. Hi Tom, I am no pro, but I have had to shoot paintings and other flat artwork for my wife’s art business. She semi retired and sold her gallery and I don’t need to do copying work anymore. I started with the Sinar 22 and than Sinar 54h and learned how to use the view camera. Than I bought my S2-p and my all Sinar kit was stolen. For some reason the burglars did not take my S2 and the Leica and other lenses. Lol. I was left with my S2 and my Lenses. I had a Hasselblad H with a P1 22 mpx back for a while and I had an old HC120. I replaced it with the second model, the HC120-II. With the adapter it was very nice on my Leica. I realized that I prefer it against the S120mm when I bought the Leica Makro lens during a long shoot of a flat art collection, mostly small sized Japanese prints. Maybe my Leica S120mm is a lemon, but the Hasselblad lens was sharper at the distancees of about 1-2,5 meters. Closer, it’s the only lens I trust. It does not have any chromatic aberrations. At least any visible aberrations. Tha only bad thing I know about the HC120mm is the terrible bokeh when shooting wide open at f4 for portraits. The Leica is a fantastic portrait lens in my opinion. The Leica , for me, it’s a general purpose beautiful lens IMHO Yevgeny Moscow
  8. ynp

    Leica S or Leica Q for travel?

    I do not own the Q, but I travel with my s2-p often. My lightest S travel kit: -The Distagon T* 55mm f/3.5 - 525g-The Planar T* 80mm f/2.0- 524g-Leica S-Adapter C for Contax 645 Lenses -230g -S2-p with the RRS plate -1300g = 3104 g sans the bag It will be heavier with the Leica S lenses.
  9. I have the Contax and Leica S 120mm lenses but I use the Hasselblad H 120mm -II macro for close up and copping work more often than the other lenses. Just the perfect macro on my S2-p. when the f 8-16 is needed. Yevgeny.
  10. ynp

    Leica flash system and the SL

    I use two Godox 200 with a small parabolic umbrella, it works, but I would like to have a better integration of the flash with my Leicas.
  11. ynp

    Leica flash system and the SL

    The Leica flash protocol is not supported by the biggest and most important flash and strobe manufacturers. You cannot buy a modern HSS or HS system with the quirky Leica flash protocol. Even Hasselblad put the Nikon hot shoe on its mirrorless MF camera. It’s time to pay Bron, Profoto, Godox etc to get access to the flash systems, or change the flash protocols altogether and get Panasonic or Nikon protocol. It’s not fair to the customers to stick to their own ancient and unsupported solutions. The formation of the L-Alliance is a good time for a big change. Yevgeny
  12. ynp

    No Q2 at least for now, says Leica Rumors

    I wanted an everyday camera with a reliable autofocus to use instead of my m9 or alongside it. I borrowed the Q from a friend and spend 14 days with it. Agree with everything people write about the camera. It’s fast and the lens is beautiful. By the end of my two weeks with the Q I noticed that I crop the images to 35-40 mm field of view in 80 percent of keepers. I wanted the Q, but I view the world through the 35 mm lens. The experience with the Q reassured me to get back to my X-U , l owned it already , and was happy with the quality of the images. I plan the output to the WEB use and occasional A3 prints. 16 megapixels is enough for that kind of use. If Leica introduces the Q2-35mm. I will buy it. Yevgeny
  13. ynp

    Leica S3 announced @ photokina

    I don’t know. The CL works very good with the longer SL Zoom, you just hold the lens, not the camera.
  14. ynp

    Leica S3 announced @ photokina

    There’s no guarantee that the future Sigma ( or Panasonic) camera will allow the use of the S-L adapters. The Leica CL doesn’t and it’s an L-Mount camera.
  15. ynp

    First digital Zeiss

    Sigma flash protocol , looks like a Quattro... A new alliance ? Does it mean the Zeiss is manufactured by Sigma? Yevgeny