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  1. Give us a T System camera with manual controls - an X Vario body with a T bayonet mount and more T prime lenses.
  2. I have two spare Wasabi batteries and can see no difference between them and the OEM Leica battery.
  3. Nice subtle lighting on the color version - not as dramatic as the B&W, but more interesting.
  4. Excellent work by both the actor/participant and the photographer!
  5. Nice angle and use of perspective. That's quite a low tide, too!
  6. Interesting patterns and geometry!
  7. The third shot is a classic. Nice work.
  8. I may be stating the obvious, but wouldn't it have made more sense to copy a screw mount body?
  9. A very unique and original image on several levels. Well seen and executed. It has your style written all over it, Alexander.
  10. All in all an excellent and well done set. I especially like the fifth image. Welcome to the forum!
  11. I love everything about this excellent image. Well seen and captured at just the right time.
  12. Beautiful image! Simple, abstract and impressionistic.
  13. The cropped version is much stronger. You've captured a nice moment.
  14. J_Thompson


    Excellent image with marvelous lighting. Nice work.
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