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  1. I had several M lenses and a Leica M6 serviced by Malcolm Taylor. Great chap to chat on the phone and he does excellent work! I hope he is well and still working. Koray
  2. Leicameter needle is connected to two spirally shaped springs on the rotation axis. These springs conduct power to the electromagnet winding, which rotates around a central permanent magnet. Both springs also work as a load for the needle to return to 0 position; and also the bottom one can be positioned (adjusted) to maintain 0. The adjustment can be done via a small screw at the bottom of the meter while pressing either battery check or measurement buttons with no battery in the meter. My humble guess is that on a very very hot day these springs may lengthen (just like a dial thermometer spring) and lead to less load against needle's electromagnet, thus reading higher exposures. Best way to know is to see if your meter is at 0 when activated without battery in it, both in normal and extreme conditions. Koray PS: the 0 adjustment screw turns infinitely, so don't be surprised if you can't find the end. It swings the position of the bottom spring between two adjustment extremes. If it doesn't reach 0 with this adjustment, the upper spring needs to be adjusted during a CLA.
  3. Yes this is normal, put your camera in a zip lock bag before leaving AC indoors. K.
  4. I think the decision depends on the depreciation of your camera's value over seven years of use. You have probably made most of it while you owned it and now M-E renders it off-use. Unless you prefer a backup body, I don't buy the idea of having an extra M camera with crop-factor since you can always crop the FF sensor output with the exact pixel count. If I were you I would sell it right away since it will become an even harder decision as the price for a second hand M8 is bound to fall... Just my two cents. K.
  5. This is a fantastic camera with a very fair price. I own a Fujifilm X100 and while I am very happy with the 35mm FOV, several times I wished to have a wider lens. Check out the studio comparison with RX1R at dpreview, Leica Q lens quality is stellar across the frame and the sensor is fantastic, too. This is a fantastic tool, well done Leica. Koray
  6. I came across this oddity (check out eBay item number 351310132427). Anybody knows how many of these early knurled focus Summicron-M 50 v3 were made? Value for collectors? Koray.
  7. BBC's article reminded me of the Leica collector who insisted on an x-ray of the sealed box of his expensive purchase. BBC News - Star Wars mystery solved by University of Nottingham's X-ray scanner Koray
  8. Luigi, thanks for the information. I couldn't resist; so I grabbed it. :-) I am a sucker when it comes to Leicameters. K.
  9. I stumbled upon this awesome LEICAMETER on ebay, apparently from 1934 according to westonmeter fan site. Photos attached below. The curious thing is the typeface used for the Leica text. It resembles the modern Leica font, as one can see on M6 and many other R cameras. I wonder if I am reading too much into it... Koray
  10. It is amazing to experience a Luftwaffen-Eigentum thread without the exclamations of FAKE or ZORKI!.. K.
  11. Hi again, very good point. As I told earlier, I am thrilled with the results of M lenses on NEX-6, and Biogon looks promising. But it is just that I want to use my beautiful Leica glass to their full extent, without crops. I love the renderings of the 35, 50, and 90 on film, but processing and scanning has become a tiresome chore for me. I feel that full frame is the way to go. I don't shoot that often to warrant an M9 or M-E purchase, so A7 should do. It will be bulkier than NEX-6, I will miss the tiny SELP1650; but when compared, the Leica images stand miles ahead, well worth it. My first ILC was a NEX-3N, which I got new for $500. Now after one year it is hardly worth $250. It looks like A7 is following a similar trend in the second hand market, depreciating very quickly. This time I am wiser and will try scoring a second hand A7. Thanks again! K.
  12. Thanks a lot for the confirmation. In terms of sharpness your samples look pretty good to me. This is what I wanted to hear. My major concern was the dreadful blur at infinity. I rarely shoot infinity wide open anyway. I use my wide angle lenses mostly stopped down to f/5.6-8. Plus AFAIK Summicron 35v4 has a deeper field curvature, which leads to softer corners even on film (and M9?). So A7 looks like a viable alternative now. Again, many thanks for your help! Koray
  13. Polygamer, you seem to be the best person to answer my question. I also have the same 35mm, plus a Summicron 50 v4 (tabbed), plus an Elmarit-M 90 (last version). I gave up on the hope that one day I can have a Leica M digital rangefinder. Too expensive for me. These days I am enjoying pairing a NEX-6 with my Leica lenses. Yes, it is a chore to focus, stop down. But gorgeous results when nailed. So, A7 is on my radar. Financially and reliability-wise, A7 makes sense to me. Have you got any sample images that are shot at various apertures and ranging focus distances? Thanks in advance, Koray P.S. Never mind, I found the samples thread that you wonderfully contributed. I would still be very interested in your opinion as an M9 owner on A7 and the lenses I own.
  14. Paul, I am intrigued with your story, so I will ask if you don't mind: did you buy your M4 from a gentleman called Ian, from Southampton? I got a Summicron 35v4 and a Summicron 50v4 from Ian with some fungus infestation. He told me that he used to be a cruise photographer and offered me a beater M4, too (back in 2009). They were very rough outside. I had them repaired by Malcolm Taylor and have been using them to this day. I was lucky to find a new shell for the 35, so it looks new now. They are cool objects that has witnessed to thousands of people's enjoyable moments. Koray
  15. I keep those caps in a drawer, no need for them. I cut the film leader straight, no issues. Film loading is not a big deal, you get used to it. I used to have the M6, but I love M2 million times over it. Much better built body, no-clutter / no-flare viewfinder, and film rewind is much easier than the M6's slipping crank. Don't worry too much for the CLA, negative film tolerates small inaccuracies. I don't think all service centres will be able to answer your question. Malcolm Taylor in UK still uses small paper notebooks to record his service, he doesn't use computers at all as far as I know. My Leica M2 has a B seal on it, probably from eighties, Brittania it stands for. Enjoy! You will love it. K.
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