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  1. Elmarit-R 19mm v2 with SL (ISO 100 f/2.8,1/500).
  2. The image you referred to was taken from Twin Peaks in San Francisco overlooking downtown San Francisco. The forest in the middle of the image is the Buena Vista Park, oldest (1867) official park in San Francisco. I travel to San Francisco for work often and I always try to visit Twin Peaks whenever possible. I highly recommend this place to visit. Here is another image take with a wide angle lens (Summarit-S 35mm with S2).
  3. Very nice image!. Here is one taken with the same s2 and APO-Summarit-S 120 lens the next day. You may see the Alcatraz Island in the upper portion of the image.
  4. Elmarit-R 19mm V2 with SL (ISO 100, f/5.6,1/200)
  5. S2 with APO-Summarit-S 120mm lens.
  6. Morning walk with M9 and APO-Lanthar 35mm lens.
  7. S007 with APO-Summarit-S 120mm lens.
  8. Spring morning in Chicago
  9. I have had my S2 for almost eight years now and it still works with any major issues. I do use it as ofter as I can (with a backpack) and it's been on many of my trips with harsh weather conditions. I always try to clean the electronic lens mount contacts after every outings (when I change multiple lenses). I have not seen any sensor corrosion yet (both my M9 and MM suffered the corrosion problems). I use it a bit less this year since I got a S007 now. But amount my S2 and S007, I still prefer the color of S2 when the light condition is sufficient.
  10. Michael, really appreciate your comment. Thank you. Cheers,
  11. S2 with Summarit-S 35mm lens.
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