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  1. Cicadas came out to mid-Atlantic States in US this spring/summer (they come out every 17 years). Taken with 007 with APO-Elamrit-S 120.
  2. Really enjoy reading your review and thank you for sharing.
  3. I think this question should be posted in "Leica_SL System" - https://www.l-camera-forum.com/forum/236-leica-sl-system/
  4. S007 with APO-Summarit-S 120 lens.
  5. I found that the Tyler-R 400/6.8 is excellent lens for what it is, very light, hand-heldable, and pretty easy to focus with good center sharpness and great Leica color.
  6. Here is another on taken with Tyler-R 400/6.8 hand-held. The house under renovation is s a two-story, stone structure in Prince William County, Virginia. It was built as a stop in 1848. During the American Civil War, this Stone House served as a hospital during the First and Second Battles of Manassas.
  7. Telyt-R 400/6.8 + Sony A7r3
  8. I am sorry that I was mistaken in my earlier post, I don't have the Digital Holster 20 v2. I have a Digital Holster 50 v2, which fits the S007 with APO-Summarit-s 120 with hood mounted. It will fit the RRS L-bracket.
  9. Death Valley, California with S2 and Summarit-S 35mm lens.
  10. I, too, have been using an older model of Fogg b-minor for over 10 years. It's a bit bigger than Jeff's b-laika model but smaller that Stuart's e-flat. Please see the attached photos that hold an S007/S120 lens with plenty of room left. I also use it for city trips with rangefinder system. Fogg's bags are beautifully made with great functionalities. I also have the Think Tank Digital Holster 20 v2 but I hard use it compared to Fogg.
  11. Rob, thank you so much for the information of your S007 and S lenses service details. I have had very good experience with Leica Store in Washington DC as they handled all my previous S lens motor replacements (S35/S70/S100) few years ago. Recently I noticed that my S70 needs some focus re-calibration so I plan for a trip to Leica Store soon. I am debating if I should send my S120 and S180 along for CLAs as both still have the original motors.
  12. Really appreciated. Thank you. I will keep on using mine until it develops a problem. I live near Washington DC and the Leica store here provides excellent services for three of my S lenses for motor replacement.
  13. I am thinking about sending my 180mm for a CLA service (mine copy works fine but it has the original motor). Does your 180mm have the new motor? What's the cost for S-lens CLA service, if you don't mind sharing? Thank you.
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