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  1. There is one available here: https://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1755970. The asking price is $2,250 USD.
  2. S2 with Hasselblad 250mm f/5.6 CF Superachromat
  3. My Summilux pre-ASPH (V2 Canada) at f/1.4 has low contrast and more glow than my Summicron V1 (8E) at f/2.0. I did read that the Summilux pre-ASPH (V2 Germany) has higher contrast than other earlier version of that lens. I also read that the Light Len Lab's Summicron V1 replica has higher contrast than that of the original version. I don't have any first hand experience since I don't own a copy of the LLL replica.
  4. You may want to purchase a CV 50 APO but don't sell your Summicron 50 V3. All versions of Summicron 50 are excellent even compared with the latest CV 50 APO. IMHO, the size of CV 50 APO is too large and not an ideal fit with M body.
  5. I have not used film for a long while so my comments below are based on my experience with digital M bodies of M9/M240/M10R. I find that the most unique signature of Summicron V1 (8E) is its out of focus (OOF) rendering at F/2, for close to mid focus distance subjects. Specifically, the individual OOF highlight has a brighter outer ring which I don't find in Summaron 35/2.8, nor in Summicron 35 V4. The overall image contrast of the V1(8E) is lower than that of the V4, with respect to different f/stops, but sharpness and resolution is still pretty good even for my M10R. Stepping down to f/2.8, f/4, and f/5.6, I don't detect large difference between V1 (8E) and Summaron 35/2.8, generally speaking (my copy of Summaron may be a tiny bit more contrasty). At open stop, the V1(8E) has some glow in outer edges of images but much less than that of Summilux 35 pre-ASPH (I have the V2 Canadian version); contrast is also higher than that of the Summilux 35 pre-ASPH but low than that of V4, as I mentioned earlier. Personally, I like the V1(8E) very much. I find the rendering of the lens very unique and images are very easy for post processing. I use it regularly on my M9 and M9 Monochrom. few years ago, I was in a similar situation - wanting to learn and finding out the difference among other 35mm lenses, and now I am keeping the V1(8E).
  6. S2 with Summarit-S 35/2.5 lens.
  7. I agree with others that this may be the best lens in the S line. I use mine hand-held pretty often. Here is an old one image with S2 (hand-held, ISO 160, 1/360. f/9.5)
  8. S2 + 24 Super Elmar lens.
  9. Yes, Capture One will input all your S (006) files. Since there is no ICC profile for S (006), it will assign a generic profile for all the files. But you can also change the profile. I have been using Adobe DNG Neutral profile for my S2 files.
  10. The newest version of Capture One Pro 22 only supports S3 and S(007) with camera ICC Profiles. It doesn't have the ICC Profiles for S(006) and S2. I have been using its generic DNG Profile for my S2 for the past six years and it works well for me. It does have support for all the S lens profiles (it has support for some Contax 645 lens profiles as well).
  11. SL with Elmarit-R 19mm f/2.8 (V2) lens.
  12. Elmarit-R 19mm f/2.8 (V2) with SL.
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