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  1. Here's my M4 with M2/3 style levers. Just got back from a shutter repair and overhaul by Sherry Kräuter and it's rarin' to go.
  2. If using a dedicated scanner is still an option, the Pacific Image XAs might be worth looking at. I don't see them talked about much. Mine arrived yesterday. I plugged it in, fired up Silverfast (it comes with a free copy), fed an uncut roll of HP5 into it and hit "Batch Scan" just to see what would happen. It scanned the entire roll without further intervention and the results looked surprisingly good. I've seen complaints about frame finding, though, so maybe I just got lucky. There are a few reviews online, most are quite positive. Anyway, it might be worth a look. I found digital camera sc
  3. Had a bit of a scare with my brand new Leica MP yesterday. Just over half-way through the second roll of the day, the film suddenly stopped advancing. The shutter wouldn't fire and the film advance just stopped, mid-stroke. It felt jammed. I couldn't believe that my expensive, brand new Leica was going to have to go back to Leica for repair. After removing the film, the shutter worked fine. I loaded a new roll and everything seemed OK. But, what had caused it? After processing both rolls, I noticed that the "jammed" roll was much shorter than it should've been. I wondered if it had torn and wa
  4. I hope someone is working on that 😋. Thanks for the info around image vs paper size. I seem to stumble on that regularly. It doesn't help that I'm impatient. What I should do is take my time and learn the process, a bit more systematically. I keep preaching "Print your photos!" to everyone, but find it so frustrating myself that I don't follow my own advice. Plus, I enjoy printing photos for other people, and I'd like them to look good. Thanks again. Jack
  5. That's actually a good idea. I seem to have some sort of mental block around this. No, just B&W. It was meant as a cheeky comment to illustrate how much trouble I have printing digitally. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. I am terrible with color, but I've been trying to print more of my digital photos. So, like you, I load up an image in Lightroom or Capture One and fart around with 1,000 settings in the (Canon Pro-100) print dialog(s), as instructed by The Internet. Aaaand, the colors suck. So instead I make a JPG, open it in Preview (macOS) and just hit print and they often look much better to my eye. Not great, but better. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. In an unrelated rant, I can't for the life of me figure out why I seem to have to select a paper size in so many different places. Half the time I
  7. Thanks for all the feedback here. I think I'll try keeping the leather strap on the MP for a bit and see how it wears. If I change my mind, it's like a 3-minute inconvenience to swap straps, so no big deal, really. Now I'm on to deciding about whether or not to use the case I have :).
  8. Thanks. I think you're right that the leather strap seems "in the way" quite often. I haven't figured out a comfortable way to hold the camera. I barely notice the nylon strap. I think I'll find another nylon strap for the MP.
  9. My new (last week) MP came with a leather strap. My M6 body uses an older nylon version. I don't mind the leather one, but it's a bit stiff. Does anyone know if this will "break in" and soften over time? I prefer the floppy nylon one, tbh, but maybe I just need to be patient. Thanks.
  10. Maybe I should've gotten the "MP Monochrom" instead 😝
  11. Still gorgeous. I've been wildly exaggerating the "problem" of the battery cover. I'm sure to some it matters a great deal, but not to me. The MP and M-As are beautiful either way. The bigger problem I'm having right now is making this decision...
  12. I think I'll just live with the BP MP, "wart" and all. TBH I barely noticed the battery cover before you all pointed it out and now it's all I see. Ok not really, but still. I am debating whether to use a case, which does allow me to pretend the battery cover isn't there.
  13. Congrats. Love it! I put a couple rolls through mine today and processed/scanned one. Nothing good, but the camera works perfectly. The faults are all mine. Here's the very first frame. A mirror selfie, naturally :). This is going to be fun.
  14. Yeah, the battery cover is my least favorite feature, but I'm able to overlook it due to it being eclipsed by that gorgeous black paint finish
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