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  1. Rare type of boathouse in misty weather Hafrsfjord Rogaland Norway Leica MP // 50mm summilux asph bc // Ilford hp5+ in rodinal
  2. My son at the train station having a “slush” Leica MP // 35mm summaron 3.5 // Kodak tri-x @1000 in diafine
  3. Last weekend we stayed at an amazing place in Lysefjorden, Norway. https://www.thebolder.no All photos shoot with Leica MP // 35mm summaron 3.5 // ilford hp5+ @1600 in diafine
  4. I have just sold my 50 lux asph the for the 3rd time. Last time black chrome version. It’s the size and weight. A little bit to big and heavy. Wondering if I will buy again. Nowadays I’m happy with my dual range 50 cron
  5. Movie recordings and antique cars in our street Leica MP // 50mm summilux asph bc // ilford hp5+ @1600 in diafine
  6. Rainy night in Shibuya, Tokyo. september 2017 Leica MP // 50mm Summilux asph bc // Kodak tx400 @1600 in rodinal
  7. Amazing cabins “sky lodges” for rent Leica mp // 50mm summilux asph bc // hp5+ @1600 in diafine https://www.thebolder.no
  8. My dad holds a kitten Leica mp // 50mm Summilux ASPH bc // Kodak tri-x @1600 in diafine
  9. From the oilrig l work. Oseberg C, offshore North Sea. Leica mp // 35mm Summicron ASPH // Kodak tri-x @1600 in diafine
  10. Leica MP // Kodak tri-x // 28mm elmarit V3 pre asph
  11. I have had the 28/2.8 ASPH two times, but always l return to the v3 preASPH. I’m more happy with the classic rendering of this older lens.
  12. Leica MP // 28mm elmarit-m v3 // Kodak tri-x @1000 in Diafine
  13. Leica MP // 28mm elmarit-m v3 // Kodak tri-x @1000 in Diafine
  14. A gray and rainy January day in Stavanger Leica MP // 50mm summicron dr // Kodak tri-x @1600 in rodinal
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