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  1. Your lens is melting!! I believe that the most beautiful coasts of our planet are located by the Aegean Sea. Today I have been able to take a glance at Samos, the Greek island, from Guzelcamli, Turkey. The scene must be reflected on Cinestill 50D.
  2. The MP and me. Marrakech, with 35mm summicron ASPH, Tri-X
  3. Which viewfinder do you mean exactly?
  4. Will you be selling it through this websites buy and sell?
  5. Are there photo's of the camera, and what will be the price?
  6. That looks like an a la carte Panda! Very nice. Goes well with silver chrome lenses. Good luck with it! Rob
  7. Did anyone experience straplug problems with this model of the box? I just want to make absolutely sure that mine doesn't hit the pavement while shooting street. That's not stealth.
  8. For me the perfect kit for travelling seems to be something else for every trip. With the M8 sometimes its the 24mm Summilux and the 50mm Summilux ASPH. Some other times I would take an extra 35mm Summicron (version 1) with me and changed the 24mm for an Elmarit 21mm ASPH. So I would have a three lens kit. On my last trip to Stockholm I only brought the 35mm Summicron ASPH, with the MP. I never missed the other focal lengths. Regards, Rob
  9. Very sad to hear, good luck on recovering either insurance or the camera and lenses. Rob
  10. I use my 24mm summilux on the M8 without an external viewfinder. It works fine, just use the whole viewfinderframe and you will be as exact in framing as you will be with an external one.
  11. I think my 35 mm summicron. Still doubting if it will be the version I, or the ASPH.
  12. I have the same problem with my 24mm Summilux, I've gotten used to it, but an extra piece of paper or tape would do the trick. Thanks.
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