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  1. of course if the subject wasn't so far away.. I am using a telephoto.
  2. I know nothing of video standards and have never had the need to use my SL2 for video. But I will need to in a couple of days. I will be shooting short clips of 10 seconds to a minute, nothing longer. I would like to be able to send them conveniently by text eventually to friends to view on their phones. I will be grateful if this knowledgable crew can advise me on the best settings so the files aren't huge or incompatible with Android/iPhones. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks, Mark. Much appreciated! The cold weather advice is great, too, though I am headed to a lagoon in Iceland, where the ambient temperature is comparatively mild. I did the same trip 5 years ago with a M240 and a 35mm lens set to hyperfocus. It was a piece of cake. This is the first time I have really taken the SL2 for travel.
  4. Thanks for the advice, but that is not the issue I am asking about. The SL2 has various built-in auto-focus profiles; e.g., pets, children. They can be customized in 3 dimensions. I am wondering which settings for those profiles and their components is best in my situation.
  5. I will be taking an excursion through some icebergs on a quick-moving small boat (a zodiac). All of the SL2 AF profiles seem to describe the motion of the subject, not of the photographer. I'll be shooting with the 24-90 zoom and would rather use auto-focus than manual, but fear that the lens will "hunt" and not focus properly while the boat is moving. Any idea which is the best profile or custom profile setting to use in such a situation? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.
  6. Thanks, Mike/ LeicaR10 for a great answer. Once again, RRS doesn't make anything that works with the Leica handgrip. But this plate was recommended by Mike and Leica of Miami https://coloradotripod.com/collections/accessories/products/universal-arca-plates https://leicastoremiami.com/products/breakthrough-photography-40mm-universal-arca-plate-for-mirrorless-cameras-like-sony-fuji I ordered one. I hope the problem is solved
  7. The RRS base does not fit the Leica handgrip. RRS doesn't have a solution. I guess I will stick with my L-bracket.
  8. Thanks Gelatino for the heads up. However, I am happy with using the Leica handgrip attached to my M10. I am simply curious if anyone has found an Arca-type plate that works well on the Leica handgrip. I have an L-bracket that works OK, but its a little lightweight for my taste.
  9. I need a new Arca-compatible plate for my M10+Grip. If I didn't use the grip religiously I would get the RRS L-bracket. Any suggestions? If there was a reason to go with a particular one vs. a generic plate, I am sure this group would know. Thanks in advance.
  10. Thanks to Jeff for the video and to Bernd for clarifying that it does the in camera correction.
  11. Thanks for the explanation. Funny: Leica SL lenses do no register for lens correction in in LrC, so I am wondering if I can get the Panosonic to.
  12. I, too, am contemplating the Pano S Pro 16-35. In doing my research I read a review that had two identical photos taken with said lens--one without in-camera correction by the Panasonic camera, the other with camera correction. The reduction in distortion at 16mm was evident. Does any one know if the SL2 also does in-camera correction of the S Pro lens? If so, is it automatic or do I need to set something in a menu? Thanks in advance.
  13. The Arctic Butterfly is an amazing tool. Removed the pesky spot that looked odd and many more...except one. And that one would not budge. So I called Visible Dust for advice. They said its likely from breathing on the sensor and the Sensor Clean should be enough. So we shall see. Many thanks to all for your advice.
  14. I have a loupe but it doesn't have the light. I do have an Arctic Butterfly and I am going to try it first before wet cleaning per michali. Besides, I don't have any of the wet supplies and will need to order them. I will turn off the iBIS but don't know what other precarious to take with SL2 Do you have any advice?
  15. LocalHero--you were correct. When I shot with the prime stopped to f11 the spots are there. So not the lens, thankfully. However, the ol' blower isn't taking care of the problem on the sensor. Now I need to figure out how to wet clean the SL2 sensor without doing more harm than good. I' ve never done a wet clean before on any leica, so I will need to do some research
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