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  1. <<The partnership - as far as the camera goes - seems to be a bit like the one that Fiat made with Lada, letting them produce versions of their old models.>> That's my feeling too.
  2. I went to the Canadian Rockies last June with my M8. My three lenses were the CV15, 28/2 Cron, and 50/1.4 Lux. That pretty much covered all my needs for various "mountainscapes", The frequency of use was also in that (descending) order, and I do quite a bit of stitching when I use the 28 and 50mm lenses (shot portrait mode) for panorama.
  3. Just wrap your M10 in a large piece of chamois a couple times with a rubber band around the lens to fasten everything, then stick it in your briefcase. Done.
  4. I think the last update for Lightroom perpetual is 6.14. http://blogs.adobe.com/lightroomjournal/2017/12/6-14-now-available-last-perpetual-update-of-lightroom.html
  5. Did you notice any sample to sample variations of the two lenses? Or are they performing pretty much the same?
  6. Meh. Leica should have gone all the way and put red covering on the body to match. What's with this plain boring black covering?
  7. If it's due to temperature it should slowly get back to normal when you leave it in room temperature for a couple of days to let it warm up. However, the physical abuse airline luggage gets is no secret. You may think you have good protection for your camera (clothing...etc) but you never know what kind of impact force had been applied during luggage loading and unloading, or during transit in the air. If something was knocked out of whack you may have a new problem.
  8. Try this: https://lhsa.rallyup.com/lhsasweepstakes
  9. Yup. From the chandelier.
  10. Maybe interest in older Leica equipment is slowing waning as people flock to newer and greater things. I am currently trying to sell my Telyt and Visoflex collection in another forum and got no interest and no offers. The only thing sold was not even Leica: a tilt/shift bellows by Hama/Spiratone/Kenlock.
  11. I found out that's exactly where things went wrong. For whatever reason I had sharpening set to "off". Now like I said before I only shoot DNG so how and when this happened I had no idea. But when I happened to test the DNG+jpeg fine the jpeg file became very soft. My worry was not soft jpeg - I don't use it, but if there is something else going wrong, so I investigated. Now it's all clear.
  12. I have an R150 and it's beautiful: cable controlled advance, reverse, focus, Colorplan 90/2.5. Not sure if this older than your P300.
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    Well, did you make a donation? That could make a difference if that's what he's there for.
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