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  1. I purchased the SL body for the many wonderful R lenses. I am very please with the body and what it offers for the R lenses. I am a bit old school in that even with sport photography, i do manual and regional focusing pretty successfully . Does the SL offer fast enough autofocusing for sports like basketball to increase my percentages of sharp stop action images? If not, I would just keep doing what i am currently doing. However, I would consider selling my very precious 280mmR f4 to obtain an SL 90- 280 zoom if it was that much more efficient to capture action images more easily. Anyone
  2. Going to New York on the 4th of July. what are best photo viewing areas with the best backgrounds. Also, best iso, shutterspeeeds, lenses. On the SL is there something that i have to program to simulate a cable release? Thanks for everyone's comment!
  3. Great Shot! Were you using a tripod? What was your speed to capture this? How about the lens info etc. Again very nice capture, especiallly the tail flames!
  4. I recently received the Fotodiox Leica R to Canon EOS adapter with Dandelion focus confirmation chip and tried it on my Canon body and the Leica Summilux R 80 mm just today. So far no burnout on my camera body and the focus confirmation was fantastic to critically focus. When the image is in focus, my Canon Mk 4 beeps and a light lights up in the viewfinder. When it critically gets to the point of focus, the light stays on and the beeping noise gets even more rapid. The construction was super solid and the chip was very well attached and not just glued on. I remember other posts about
  5. Thanks for everyones comments. Has anyone had personal experience with the Sigma SD15 14MP X3 FOVEON CMOS Digital SLR camera body? I hear that the image quality is very good and is it comparable to the DMR's?
  6. Doug thanks for your Sony suggestions. What did you personally feel about the color quality of the files with the R lens 100 APO compared to the DMR.
  7. I guess there's nothing really that much better than the DMR?!
  8. I have tried Canon 1D mark 4 as my R solution particularly for sports. However, when I don't have to have a fast frame/sec, I find myself reaching for the DMR because I prefer the image quality ie for macros, portraits etc. I am trying to find a backup body for my R lenses. Does anyone have an R solution, that matches the DMR's image quality? I don't have a M yet but is the M240 images comparable or is there something comparable to the images we are getting with the older classic DMR?
  9. Please elaborate why going to minus 2EV at ISO 400 is less noisy the ISO 800? I do not know what the changing to the minus EV does to the image quality. I thought it had more to do with the exposure and indirectly with the noise. Sorry if this is too basic of a question.
  10. Isn't the second version 28 mm R lens a better lens than the 1st? Can any one with experience with both comment? I've not seen too many of these for sale! Is the second version a must have lens?
  11. I used a Canon 1D Mark 4 with my R 28-90mm and the mirror will get stuck and I don't want to shave my lens. I assume you are not having that problem with your Canon D70. Is your Canon a full frame? I still think the DMR is giving better images than the Canon body I am currently using.
  12. Taken with my DMR on my tripod late in the afternoon. The DMR is still something special compared to my other digital options.
  13. For what situations are u using each of your filters? Can you show us a few before and after? Thanks
  14. Dear Doug: What tripod collar are you using on this lens? Does Leica make one for this lens? Thanks ryee3
  15. Appreciating photographing birds more after my one on one lesson with Doug Herr:). Using Leica R 280mm f4 with 1.4x extender with novoflex adapter on Canon Mark IV. Catching these very fleeting birds showing their colors was challenging. Enjoy
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