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  1. Happy with Summarits 2.5 35 & 90 mm. Together with Summicron 50 and Elmarit 28 ASPH a good combination. If 2.4 versions are better: happy for new users, but I will not switch.
  2. Go for the 35. On the CL I used a 40mm, on my M6 a 35 Summilux, and now on the M8 a 28 mm which effectively is between 35 and 40 full frame.
  3. On the San Marco square
  4. From the late 70-s my favorite combination was the CL with 40 Summicron. The M8 with the 28 mm Elmarit Asph comes very close. Especially with the ISO 160 or 320 compared to Ektachrome 64 in the old days.
  5. apitong


    Mike, Paul and Christoph, thanks for your wonderful replies. Hans
  6. apitong


    On the square of San Petrino in Bologna (M8 + Summicron 50)
  7. Happy with M8, 28 Elmarit ASPH, 50 Summicron latest model, and occasionally Elmar-C 90 from the seventies. I also have old Elmar 50 and Summicron-C 40 but have not used these on M8
  8. You can pick up a CL + 40 mm Cron for EUR 400. Will make a superb lens for M8. E39 filters do not fit perfectly, but can be used on Summicron-C and Elmar-C lenses.
  9. I saw latest Summicron 50 no. 3987518 for EUR 625 on marktplaats.nl, a dutch affiliate of Ebay.
  10. I have used 40 mm Cron on CL since 1979, and later a 35 Lux on the M6. For the M8 my 'standard' lens is 28mm. Effectively a 37 mm, and just between the lenses I was used to.
  11. I just got an E39 IR/UV to be used on the Elmar-C 90mm and the M8. I don't think I will be using 90mm a lot, so this seems to be an ideal compromise.
  12. What is the purpose of this thread? I'm lost!
  13. Many posts have indicated that digital is cheap. You pay upfont, but no longer a fee for every 36 shots! In that perspective Leica M8 and some lenses are very affordable.
  14. Leica M8 is still here. Or did your M8 stop working after 9/9/9?
  15. Upgrade option in The Netherland announced for EUR 5495. Any Leica, including M3, IIIa and C-Lux 2 will qualify. You even can keep the proceeds from the sale of your old Leica as a profit. :D:D
  16. Just get an M8 and a 28 and/or 50 and start shooting!
  17. M9 and M8 are probably both great cameras. If I still would have my 35 Lux I would be happy to get the M9. As I now have the 28 as standard lens, I'll stick to my M8
  18. I won't get better pictures with an M9 compared with my M8
  19. Happy with my M8 & 28 & 50 - no need to upgrade. I'm just an amateur
  20. I'm happy with my M8 that I got in December 2008. 800 Euro trade in for old Nikon EM. Sold my 35 mm in 2004 and bought 28 Elmarit ASPH and 50 Summicron when I purchased the M8. Wonderful M8 set. For some reason I have never liked 28mm and 50mm on film. So buying an M9 would also mean that I probably spent money on new lenses. For now: no way. But who knows what will happen in the future.....
  21. density of pixels is almost the same: For a 1.33 crop factor the M9 18 MP FF has about the same pixels density per square mm as the M8 ( 1.33 x 1.33 x 10.3 MP = 18 MP)
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