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  1. Will there ever be Firmware updates to the Q, or is it frozen in time?
  2. Will there be no further firmware updates for the Leica Q?
  3. And Just to be sure: the left flash dial can be on either TTL or A?
  4. I am using an SF40 flash on my Leica Q. What is the best way to use the flash for fill while shooting in automatic aperture and automatic speed mode? In automatic speed but a specific aperture?
  5. Just to be sure (I am using an SF40 on a Leica Q: To get fill flash I leave the camera aperture alone (A or any f-stop) and increase the SF40 flash compensation dial to -.5 or 1?
  6. Will there be an update for the Q with some of these features, or is it now frozen in time and unsupported?
  7. Is this update also to be applied to the original Q?
  8. I have slow upload speed on my Internet and larger files of the Q2 in DNG would pose a problem so sticking with the Q for now.
  9. Since updating the firmware in my camera, when I punch the FN button I get the wireless connection screen. How do I return to functioning of the FN button to the way it was before?
  10. Could you direct me to a little more detail on how the updates work and changes that impact my Leica Q, and how they do so? Thanks
  11. The description on the Leica site about what the update does is somewhat cryptic. Can someone describe what is new or different? Much appreciated. Brian
  12. Artisan & Artist pouch provides good protection. See http://amworkshops.com/videos/artisan-artist-camera-pouch-review/. I like the red one; harder to leave behind in your hotel.
  13. Is there a way to modify or erase a user profile?
  14. I was looking at the Power Saving settings, which only gave the options for "Auto LCD Off" of 30 seconds, 1 minute, or 5 minutes. I see now that there are also Display settings, with one for EVF which results in EVF only when I select it on the camera. There is also a choice of "EVF Extended," but I could not determine what that was from the handbook. As you suggested I did an internet search and found that it had been added by a prior firmware update. I appreciate the help.
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