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  1. Thank you so much for this test, also interesting to see the M8 pictures appear sharper, perhaps the 24 megapixels of the CL deliver a too High frequency for a vintage lens, also causing halo effect? Also I am using '80 lenses and I have the same impression !
  2. Thank you so much, I will try to keep the filters so I can avoid the hassle to switch anytime IR and IR UV during the same session!
  3. Hello everyone, in the next days I will receive my CL, I would use the lenses shared with my M8, should It be better to remove the IR filter from the lens before use or on CL or no colour cast are noticeable also keeping the same filters? I think these filters cut the same waive-lenght of the standard sensore filter of the CL, so no added effect, thank you
  4. Hello to all, but the sensor is exactly the same between 240 and 262? Thank you
  5. "So I'm sure this is all perfectly normal, but I don't understand it. Can anyone pls explain what's happening here? " Please make this check: to switch on and off the button of sharpening simulation in C1, I noticed, when switched off, the image looks similar to the effective output, then if you want to sharper the image, in PS, you can use unsharp mask. Hope it help! Daniel
  6. thank you for details and picture's link! Daniel
  7. Hi all! I am interested in this lens, but in several threads I read that there is a problem of colour shift, I would use it with my M8. Any user opinion? What kind of viewfinder do you use? thak you very much, Daniel
  8. Graet idea. Also the selection of a charity project is important. I agree with the suggestion of the Association for International Cancer Research (AICR). Daniel
  9. In November I will travel in Las Vegas, for a fair.. not for leisure! Does anybody know a address suggested where to find M-Leica gear (mainly lenses, accessories), both new and second hand? Thank you in advance, regards, Daniel
  10. The new firmware for banding would be considered a maintenance one. I think also the manual setting of uncoded lens could be considered an adjustement of maintenance like the first one, so the M8 users can hope to have it! I think it would be an important and very appreciated policy form Leica. Regards, Daniel
  11. thank to all for your attention, yes.. the test was not "scientific". It's better that I repeat it with a tripod, anyway I took pictures in several f aperture, in any case the problem was shown clearly. I have scare to do myself... today I go to the dealer and with your suggestions we will repeat the tests. thank you, I will write the situation! Daniel
  12. yes, unfortunately, also with my summicron there is the same problem. I hope to avoid to spend $800... theoretically my camera has the guarantee of the dealer, if he is honest it would be free, I noticed only after a month the defect because the DOF of a 35mm masks better the problem than a tele! Anyway, somebody has the idea of costs and timing to fix this problem in Solms or in another repairer? thank you, Daniel
  13. thank you Enrico and Brent, I think you are right.. the more logical explanation is the rangefinder. Enrico, how many weeks/months in Solms to solve the problem? many thanks, grazie mille, Daniel
  14. Hi! this is the first time I write in this forum, I read a lot of threads, and it's very interesting. I bought a M8 a month ago, a sencond hand camera with a 35 summicron 7 elements. Now I read some treads here, and I decided to add also a 75 lux. But knowing the problem of shift focus I wanted to test very carefully the lens. In the shop we put 3 objects in 3 different distances, I focused the middle one.... and in the picture only the furthest one was focused! (attachment) Than I tried also a 90 tele elmarit... the same problem, so I tested in the same way also my summicron, less
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