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  1. I just bought one yesterday and notice there is a date on the outbox beside the barcode dated 13/8/2019. I am guessing this should be the production date of the lens which mean they are still making it.
  2. Thanks for all the reply. I guess I should way for CL2, any idea when will the CL2 release?
  3. I don't know how to calculate how much really coming out from the SL2 in APSC mode, Leica shop told me should be around same as CL now.
  4. Anyone thinking of upgrade from CL to SL2? as the SL2 have higher pixels even in APSC mode for CL lens and can use as full frame for M lens.
  5. Any link from eBay? Is this screw on the filter thread?
  6. Thank you Alain. Hope others can come up with some other options.
  7. I am wonder does the TL 23mm f2 lens hood can fit on to TL 18-56mm, anyone know? I prefer the style of 23mm hood. Or any other after market hood options for 18-56mm?
  8. Mark Excellent Job! From your Knowledge is it possible to place a M9 sensor and electronic parts into a M8 body? I have a M8.2 Safari and always thinking if it possible to have this done. Sam
  9. Thx Michali hope to see your pictures soon.
  10. Hi I am interest to buy the voigtlander 28mm 3.5 lens and use it on M9. But seem like not much review of this lens on the net. Anyone own this lens please give me some comments of it. Alternatively should i get a canon 28mm 2.8 ltm instead? Thx
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