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  1. Hi, Thank you. This is what I found with regard to the viewfinder also. It was the same with the Typ 109 I tried. Oliver
  2. Hi all, For those with a D-Lux 7, how do you find the image quality outside the central 2/3 of the frame? Also, how are your viewfinders - are they clear or slightly distorted? Thank you Oliver
  3. Hi, This 'problem' only affected cameras up to a certain serial number. I just can't recall the number off hand but it is on the net in several locations. After this number they didn't have the E02 problem. I have a late model Minilux and it runs rings around digital for the money.......
  4. Hi, There is a serial number that 'ended' the E02 issue. Get a high serial number and the error won't be an issue. I have one and it has been faultless.
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