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  1. Ona bags are beautiful, but there is no model, which is suitable for the SL with the battery grip.
  2. Scott, I think the newest firmware is 2.1. - vintola -
  3. Can someone visiting Photokina inform, what is the height of the bottom part of the handgrip. I am ordering a new bag and like to know, does SL with the grip go there. - vintola -
  4. Thanks hhn360. It looks wonderful and reliable, longlasting bag. Though very very expensive. I have Leica S with battery handgriff and this bag seems too narrow for it. Maybe they could customize it. I will contact them. - vintola -
  5. vintola


    Yes, Mercedes Benz 190 SL and 300 SL. For those with more money, there was also 300 SLR. Maybe Leica is also planning SLR after SL. - vintola -
  6. I write keywords in German, English and Swedish and I am sure I have the correct spelling. It accepts some keywords but not all. It is mysterious, because for instance I try to write Snö (Swedish for Snow, Schnee), This succeeds in some photos but not all. Same with my home town Naantali (in Swedish Nådendal). Again in some photos Swedish version goes all right, but not in all. And so on. These were only two examples, same happens in many other words. - vintola -
  7. Fotopark doesm't take all the tags still not yet. Only some. Most curious is that it accepts the same tag for some photos, but not for some others. It is broken, let's hope that somebody can fix it. - vintola -
  8. More problems with the Leica Fotopark. Some photos have disappeared and some photos have come there twice. Maybe it is better to wait till they get it more reliable. - vintola -
  9. I loaded six photoa to the Leica Footpark yesterday. I found one problem. I couldn't write enough tags to some of the photos. Many photos took the tags I wrote, but not all photos. Very strange. - vintola -
  10. Really good. Thnx. - vintola -
  11. I haven't got time to test it yet. I do it tomorrow. - vintola -
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