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  1. As you have several R lenses and you want to stay in the Leica camp I would definitely go for the Leica R to L adapter it's beautifully made and offers excellent adaption. At this time, Leica if offering a promotion on the SL/2 with a FREE M to SL adapter but not to R users, so if you can work out a deal, buy the SL/2s with the free M to SL Adapter then trade back the adapter for the R to SL, hopefully this could save you some money. Or 2nd option. you can get an R to EF adapter then Sigma MC 21 EF to SL mount adapter for adaption to the SL system. 3rd option go to another bran
  2. I have both the Milvus 50mmf2 and the 35mmf2 in the Nikon mount and must say they are superb I consider them to be equal to my Leica lenses. Yes they are heavy, but on my Nikon F6 they are just awesome, I am now considering the Nikon D850 instead of the SL2/s, yes I do suffer with (GAS) Good luck with your Milvus lenses.
  3. To be honest I have never owned a Tamron or Vivitar lens because they were never produced for my R cameras, but if they were available I might have. I have only owned one Sigma lens and that was used on my Minolta XD-7 on which I gave away the lens many years ago. Now as for detail, my 35mmf2 asph M lens had an issue with it, lubricant protruding from the rear mount, oh yes MADE IN GERMANY My brand new M240 had dirt in viewfinder, however my strap lugs didn't detach, so please don't start me on detail and Leica quality I have been using Leica since 1973. Now back to
  4. You also forgot to mention Minolta, so except for the Tampon adaptall ,the Angenieux, Schneder and Minolta lenses were all made for Leitz and were all sold under the Leitz banner. As well as the hefty price tag. If Tamron, Vivitar, Sigma etc produce R lenses they would have been cheaper and independently sold and could have been bought in any photo store not just a Leica stockist. It's a pity that Leitz. didn't encourage other manufactories to do so like Leica M Lenses in the case of Zeiss ZM and Voigtlander are still made independently and distributed in any photo store for Le
  5. I remember back in 2010 when LEICA discontinued the R system one of the reasons was that they couldn't compete agains't the Japanese cameras. So if that's the case, are they going through with the same issue. Back in the days when my beloved R system was still alive, Leica wouldn't allow any other manufacturer to make any lenses for the R system and if My memory serves me right Leica took Sigma to court for trying to do it, some deal was agreed in court, now Sigma is part of the Leica alliance. It's obvious that Leica doesn't want to make the same mistake as it did with th
  6. There we go again, another promotion those poor R Lens users miss out again, no free R to SL adapter for them. My Local Leica store is having some difficulties in selling the Leica SL system, probably to pricy for most people. If Leica cannot convince a dedicated user like me to buy into the SL system what hope have they got in future. Still own the 35-70mmf4 21-35mm 28-90mm 50mmf2 90mmf2 80-200mm and the 180mm2.8 plus 2 M lenses 35mmf2 and the 50mm asph 1.4.
  7. I have owned and used Leica producds since 1973, and I must say I loved their equipment, my heart still has that soft spot for them. Over the last few years however I have criticised Leica for a number of reasons, and I won't discuss it any longer, probably to old now. So do Leica make the best Lenses, probably years ago they did, but I am firmly convinced that the Japanese are equal to the task and if not surpass Leica at the same price. Currently using Fuji X system for my Digital imaging and Nikon F6 with Milvas lenses for my film work, and I must say I am very satisfied
  8. It's so sad, mine also has problems, whenever it's in the spot meter mode it always locks up and the shutter cannot go up above 500/s. However my R8 has been wonderful, still working however I have retired it, some years ago I switched to Nikon F's for my film work. Leica won't touch the camera, (didn't they build the camera) oh yes they got rid of all the spare parts to make way for another DUD and that's the S system. Well D.ELK-C you can do what I have done with my R cameras, I have placed them in my glass cabinet, they are certainly lovely to look at. So don't loose he
  9. Peter. As to the 21-35 it's a great lens, love mine. For something long, the 80-200mm is also excellent. Good Luck. Ken.
  10. Hello Peter. As a 50 year veteran using Leica Cameras, I certainly wouldn't bother using R lenses on the M system using the Mickey Mouse EVF. I originally bought the M240 back in 2014 for that reason to try with my R lenses, it was terrible, after years of looking through Leica R camera's viewfinders, the EVF was hopeless. If you have never viewed the viewfinder of the Leicaflex, SL, or the SL-2 R7, R8 or R9 you don't know what you're missing. Personally if you want to use those beautiful R lenses and stay in the Leica camp, get yourself the SL or SL-2/s, I consider the SL
  11. I also agree, remember the lens hood stands on the front of the lens, when walking about or running for that shot it could easily get knocked and damaged. Plastic could bounce or get cracked, easily replaced or put some tape around it. Metal could get dinted, be bent, or damaged on the mount. And as for lens build quality, I have several R lenses and the best are 35-70mm F4 and the 80-200mm F4 both are built in Japan by KYOCERA. I don't have ANY PROBLEMS IF LEICAS ARE BUILT IN JAPAN, and in a matter of fact, I prefer them to be built there. cheers.
  12. Yes I do agree, we R owners are lucky to have so many Camera brands that we can choose from, unlike those poor users of S and SL lenses. I was very impressed with Mathphotographer review on the 100mm APO R lens attached to the Fuji GFX, another system we can add for our beloved R lenses. (Thank you Fuji) Long live Leica R.
  13. Would you want to repair a lens that just hit the concrete or a hard surface ,of course it depends how it landed, certainly not me. Going back to Topic, I have always loved my R lenses and was totally shuttered when the R system was discontinued and all spare parts where disposed off. Simply a reckless and irresponsible act by the new owners. I was not impressed with the SL2s when I tried my 28-90mm on it, I didn't think the images were that great, personally I feel there are better and cheaper alternatives for R lenses out there.
  14. I just about fell of my chair reading this Jaap, that would apply to any lens that is made. Going back to Leica R lenses, over the many R lenses that I have owned the only one that give me trouble was the 180mm 2.8. I got it fixed and never had any more problems with it, simply a wonderful lens. Frankly I had more trouble with M lenses then R lenses. Now to HERBERTUS. I will give you some free advice... there are better Camera brands out there, don't be fooled buy all the Leica hype.
  15. Which R lenses are you after, I have several, to which I no longer use perhaps we can discuss it, I also live in Melbourne. I have just about retired all my R gear, as my eyes are slowing down and need AF or better focusing aids. Ken.
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