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  1. Yes, I do remember that, and the reward for saving the M line from extinction was to close the Canadian facilities down. I still have the 90mmf2 R version manufactured in Canada, simply a superb lens. So now I can only thank the mirrorless system for allowing and giving my R lenses a new life after near extinction and once again no thanks to the Leica Management.
  2. Yes, but isn't Panasonic still making M4/3 cameras but Leica opted out of the M4/3 system.
  3. Minolta TC-1 Welcome to the forum, my first SLR was the Minolta SRT-101 back in 1969, still have it and still works. Cheers..Ken.
  4. Thank you Michael, I fully agree, in the last few years I have switched to Fuji Digital and I simply couldn't ask for more, if only Leica could equal Fuji. Ken.
  5. Personally, I have a similar problem, it's my age I'am afraid, I don't know about trading your M camera for a Q2, but I would rather take a Q2 then an M camera, no changing lenses, image stabilising weather sealed etc, however the Fuji does offer more versatility. Unfortunately there are other reasons, but I won't mention on the forum. So good luck and be safe. Ken.
  6. A couple of shots that I took some years back with the XT-2 and the 18-55mm lens. First shot taken held high above my head to avoid the crowds and second shot of a junk, both hand held with OIS on. Try this with your M camera.
  7. Since I am now a Fuji convert I would definitely take the Fujis. The results I am getting from Fuji's is amazing, I now leave my Leicas at home. Enjoy your trip. Ken
  8. I still remember a lot of controversy over it when it was released and it didn't sell very well. Was the M5 the best 35mm camera ever made on this planet? I played with one back in the seventies, and frankly I didn't like it, my first M Camera that I have ever owned was the M7, still have it but hardly used now, and hopefully, the last was the M240, Always preferred the R system.
  9. Yes totally agree with the above. I have both the R8 and R9, unfortunately the R9 also has a spot meter problem and I no longer use it, however the R8 is still operating beautifully. Having two Nikon F6's I must say they are magnificent cameras but their light metering isn't as good as my R8 in my opinion. Yes, under the new management/owner they murdered the R system, cleaned out all spares parts so as to make way for the S system. The S system is now #*^%# so now they have progressed to the SL system, what's next, frankly don't care. Back to the topic. So if
  10. Thank you Alon. Very interesting, I do have the Canadian 90mmf2 and I must say simply superb. Remember shooting Kodachrome with it back in the 70's and 80's and it still blows me away by it's images. Ken.
  11. Alon I am a little bit confused about the 75.2 R. I have never heard about the 75 f2 in the R series. I wasn't aware that E.Leitz /CANADA made that lens for the R series. Could you enlighten me on this 75.f2 lens. Ken. PS. Very nice images.
  12. Chris. I have looked at this issue, and I think I might have found the cause of your problem with your SL2. In most cameras we use the grip to hold on too, our finger tips cushion the body whilst we're apply pressure on the body, however on the SL2 the grip has a recess on which it allows your fingers to wrap further onto the grip leaving your finger nails exposed onto the leatherette. None of my Nikons, canon, or Fujis have a recess on the grip and I have never had any issues with the leatherettes on any of my cameras. I hope that helps. Ken.
  13. Another shot of Tommy handheld with the 180 mm Fuji XH-1+ ELMARIT -R 180MM f/2.8 V2 Elmerit 1
  14. Don't know what the fuss is about the green case, I have had the new generation green bag for many years. Got this bag when I bought the R8. Leica product number is 14849.
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