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  1. As a photographer, my leica cameras have taken me all over the world. with my m3, m4 and m6ttl I've photographed the beauty in Paris to Vienna and the slums of Honduras to Romania. My cameras are an extension of my soul. I'm so adamant about doing my negatives in the bath or basin of wherever I am and scanning them hours after taking them. But tis the time to get into digital, I'm loosing good work as fast as its coming up. Obviously my next camera will be a leica digitial, I don't think I have the time to wait until a full frame M and as I have basically only leica glass- any m mount dig
  2. This is what happened. I put the spares in a film can. Thanks so much.
  3. I'll try this when i get back to germany. I don't have any tools around me to do this gently, but it does feel like there's enough tension.
  4. its a ttl with the off switch and I know the batteries aren't dead. I don't have the drainage problem most people seem to have. My batteries usually last a good 20-25 rolls.
  5. The contacts seem fine but i'll give them a clean anyway, the funny thing about this is that another set of SR44s i was able to acquire worked in the camera fine. Its seems its only the 1/3s that don't work now. Can anyone recommend the best way to clean the contacts?- given the place i'm in supplies are VERY limited-
  6. I'm on an assignment here in eastern europe and my m6's batteries needed changing, i normally use a varta DL1/3, but the other photographer with me only had 2 SR44s and I was hiding my camera so naturally i didn't bring my bag . I loaded the SR44s and everything was fine. When i got home that night I threw in a DL 1/3 and it didn't work. I figured it was just a bum battery then I tried 12 more I had and none of them worked. Does anyone know what's going on? They went through an airport xray, but so did the one I had in the camera that worked fine for the first month. could it be the coa
  7. quick- I've never had a problem loading the m4 or m6, I find it much faster than an F2 or Canon 7, though it doesn't have the swinging door, I always manage to get the flim loaded perfectly every time, walking or in a hurray, never had a problem. when i read about problems leica users have, film loading is always mentioned. Am i the only one who would take loading a m camera over any other film camera on the market (m4 and after- I use an m2 and m3 but never as fast and accurate as the m4 and beyond).
  8. " I´m mainly interested in vintage-look films. I guess the modern films have smaller grain and are generally softer." For this I'd try Efke or Lucky. Efke 25, 50 and 100 have loads of silver in them like the old emulsions- the 25 and 50 are practically grainless- The Lucky is a cheap Chinese stock doesn't have the anti-halation backing so its really soft and fuzzy and bleeds like crazy. Neat one to try.
  9. film will always have a life of its own. so many different stocks and colors and blacks and greys and whites. The difference is the same when watching a film in HD and a film on 35mm- HD is getting close but it still lacks the character and nostalgia film gives me. I still do not own a digital camera, but if there is one exception- it would be the airport x-ray. Every time I stand there arguing for a hand inspection, I wish I had a digital M with 2 tiny cards rather than 100+ rolls of film that dimitri insists can go through the xray unharmed. yeah right-
  10. Tri-x and HP5, both in diafine usually at the same time- I just have the meter set to 400 and then i push and pull as the situations calls for. More so than aesthetic reasons, I use both of these films because I can use them anywhere any time- it feels good to know you have a film that you can use in any lighting situation and forget about it.
  11. and I picked up a nokton too, its a great lens for the price and SC works great with black and white, not a big fan of the color though- unless its on slide film.
  12. personally, if you are looking for another all-mechanical alternative, I'd go with a m6 and get the finder upgrade- it will save you another bit of change and it doesn't need batteries to work (on all shutter speeds, you still get some speeds without the battery not sure which ones thoough, probably 1/60 and/or 1/125) The m7 camera is a great camera in its on right, but ive been too many places where I couldnt get batteries, or the weather was a problem (drastic though, deserts or well below 0) German cameras are like german cars, beautiful engines, the best- but can be an elect
  13. I agree with the build of earlier leicas, in fact, the only reason I use a m6 is because it is the only leica i own with a meter. I have to say the m4 is my favorite, and I only favor this over the m3 becuase of loading and the 35mm frameline. For my m6 to be built almost 50 years after my m3, I have to say m3 wins on quality all around. and those brass gears. man do they feel smooth.
  14. I still do not own a digital camera. I've been fine using all my film equipment- I will not settle for anything less than a full frame leica. I refuse to go m8, I thought maybe this was the year for a full frame but was wrong. Another year with film may keep me a bit slower getting my pictures to all that need them, but I've had these m-lenses in my family for 3 generations and I've never cropped a negative so I'm not gonna crop them on a sensor. Good luck and happy waiting-
  15. is it common to get the 75mm frameline eliminated? If so, must an entirely new viewfinder be installed? I find it doing nothing but ruining the 50mm frameline- I'm fine with the 135mm frameline in the 35 as i like them both, but the 75mm is a 50 frame killer.
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