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  1. Prem

    The gipsy house

    X2 - I love places like this, now besides the geese who lives here..?
  2. Prem

    My big toddler

    X2 - One of my 7 bloodhounds.
  3. X2 - There is so much magnificence.. best, Prem
  4. Prem

    Hare Krsna

    Brent- ISO 3200 Platypus- the female devotees are sitting on the other site of the temple room. Thank you all friends for your inspiring words..., best, Prem
  5. Prem

    Hare Krsna

    X2 Hare Krsna temple in Krsna Valley Hungary. best, Prem
  6. Prem

    broken wheel

    X2 broken wheel.. Thanks for looking. best, Prem
  7. X2 eyes are the windows of the soul.. Thanks for looking, Prem
  8. Prem

    Gipsy mama

    Thanks for your replies! best, Prem
  9. Prem

    The Musician

    Thank you friends for your comments, much appreciated ! best, Prem
  10. Prem

    Gipsy mama

    X2 She sure likes to sing and guess what,.... she does not need an amplifier. best, Prem
  11. Prem

    The Musician

    X2 Don't ask me the name of this instrument, all I know is he made it himself. best, Prem
  12. Prem

    Close -up....

    Sharookh- Exellent, love the color and composition ! best, Prem
  13. Sharookh- Again you did it, what else to say... best, Prem
  14. Prem


    Sharookh- Beautiful in all aspects ! best, Prem
  15. Prem

    'Amma' the Bloodhound

    Friends - Thank you for your comment, much appreciated ! best, Prem
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