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  1. Seems all quiet here. Any word on when these might ship?
  2. Sorry, To see the video discussion try searching for "Classics Never Die."
  3. If you want to see the Leica discussion on reissue lenses which was mentioned above-- which is a great discussion with incredible images from the thambar noctilux and others, try searching on you tube for Leica Tech Talk - Episode #2 - "Classics Never Die." It worked for me.
  4. which is the silver low profile seen above??
  5. Hope they bundle this for the USA with a new "cheap" all plastic non-rangefinder ,no meter , one time use, $10 film camera (throwaway) ----an answer to the US tariffs. Pictured here are the "Vintage K" model and of course the limited "Princess" model.
  6. The 3:1 mode displays in the electronic viewfinder and rear screen. The DNG raw files are acquired in 3:2 full frame and when imported into Lightroom the top and bottom crops to obtain 3:1 aspect ratio are greyed out but the entire full frame raw data file is there so you can recrop even into the greyed out areas. This is so flexible so even if you have it in 3:1 mode and later want 3:2 , the full 3:2 file is there in DNG. You loose nothing in the DNG raw files. The jpegs may only be 3:1 .
  7. The leaked phot has similiar styling to the current latest version 35mm f1.2 nokton and comparing the m-mount size to lens size the 50mm barrel may be slightly thinner than the current 35 f1.2 and slightly longer.
  8. Thanks for the clarifications.
  9. Hi, I believe that If you are only shooting DNG and no jpeg, the camera still makes a low res image for the display that may have low res compression artifacts ton the screen that will not be in the DNG. If so, try shooting in DNG+Jpeg and see if the artifact is still there since the screen will now be showing a higher res jpeg. I had terrrible Moire artifact on screen until I noticed I was shooting only DNG .
  10. Have you tried using lamps or led panels that are constantly on to light the food plate. Led panels are not that expensive and do not require flash firing since they are always on. They do not have to be mounted or connected to the camera.
  11. Hi, the last time this happened to me I restarted the camera holding down the live view button when turning on the camera and everything has been fine. Don't know it this is a solution or just happenstance since it has not frozen since.
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