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  1. Agreed, the M10 magnification button on the front of the camera below the shutter button is absent --probably moved to the top plate next to the shutter button--I'm good with that.
  2. Thanks! now knowing it is only a sticker on the front, I was also able to play a fingernail under the edge of the sticker until it popped up a hair then get under neath and pull it off which does not take much effort and does not leave any residue. I did not have to take off the front ring. I was just careful not to touch the front lens element. My lens came perfectly calabrated and shipping only took a few days-the order went out same day. I've been waiting years for the G45 in M mount -- harking back to younger days with a G2. This lens produces spectacular images .
  3. Is it true? Silver hood for silver lens? Yes? Thanks!!
  4. Pictures show a black hood on the silver lens. AAAGGHHHH!
  5. Not sure he knows what he is talking about. My display toggles just fine.
  6. I upgraded the latest firmware to my sl2 and 50 1.4 sl summilux. Yes it now does linear focus but I found if I turn the focus wheel quickly, the image in the viewfinder steps or jumps in a linear fashion. That is, the image doesnt focus smoothly but instead the focus point will jump, display, jump, display, jump display ect and you can hear the motor move the focus in each step. But this is only if you move the focus ring a large amount and quickly possibly due to the large elements that need to be moved. If one does finer focus and turns the focus ring more slowly or smaller amount the f
  7. I updated the sl2 firmware to 3.0. Lenses then did a firmware update automatically when turning on the camera with the lens (except 90-280). Lens firmware versions are now 2.1 and not version 5.0 on the Leica download website. Trying to update to the Vesrion 5.0 from the website give a message " Update file is same version as current firmware" .. Is the current lens update 2.1 and not 5.0 as listed on the fimware download on Leica website or has version 5.0 not been released yet (and version 2.1 is actually downloaded from the leica website under Version 5.0 released today 9/22/21?
  8. Hi, I updated to sl2 3.0. The lens also went through a firmware update but the lens firmware version still reads 2.1 on the 50 f/2 . The 90-280 would not update with a message stating the firmware is current but it is listed as version 2.0. Am I doing something wrong? Is it not supposed to be version 5.0?
  9. Looks like they added manual linear focus to the 50 1.4 lens but if you turn focus quickly it steps probably due to the limitations of moving such large glass elements through a large focus range. If you focus slowly it moves focus smoothly.
  10. Hi, My LED desk lamp does this. I can make it better or worse depending on the electronic viewfinder frame rate. The LED desk lamp must be emitting light at a frequency( not the color temperature) that conflicts with the electronic viewfinder capture frequency. This is not a defect of the camera or electronic viewfinder.
  11. This looks like it would go well ( like sick) with the M10-R black paint with the cross hatch aperture and focus rings to match the black paint version.
  12. I think because all of the Leica 50mm apo lenses ever produced are all factory coded that the camera automatically detects the Leica 50mm apo regardless of what setting the lens detection is on. So, you will never need to manually select a LEICA 50mm apo. Why fill up the selection menu with codes and make the list needlessly longer--thus unneeded more scrolling) if that lens is always selected automatically. One of the benefits of buying a Leica lens.
  13. Thanks SETUPORG, I agree the xpan viewfinders are a sight to behold and the camera is a lot of fun. Can I ask who you use to process and scan the film? thanks
  14. Hi, great question. I am curious if anyone has any experience using current equipment vs an xpan. I had an xpan but sold it as I just could not travel with it--so much fun but too limiting in speed and extra weight. I am curious as to anyone's impression as to xpan image quality vs a cropped panaramoic image from a Q2 (28mm or some say is really 24mm focal range near the 25mm field of view of an xpan 45mm on a 65x24 film image) --cropped to 2.7:1 format would give about a 26megapixal image on a q2 or sl2 with a 24mm or 28mm lens. On an M10-R would give a 22 mpx image. I am not referring
  15. Hi, All I would like is a better visoflex (larger screen, better functionality) and ideally have it made to look like an old add on light meter (like on a M3 more rectangular wider that high) instead of a black lump and that could come in silver or black.
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