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  1. Thorsten, Thank you for this article. Very useful indeed. Understandably if the English is not perfect but the message delivered is loud, clear and benefit readers. Please let us know when you post the second installment. Keep up the good work.
  2. twom4

    Summicron 75mm Apo ASPH - Back Focus

    Hi Erl, As soon as I am done with comprehensive test and can conclude the results, I will send the lens and/or the M9. Thanks.
  3. twom4

    Summicron 75mm Apo ASPH - Back Focus

    Dear All, Thank you for your inputs and comments. At close distance, the focus is accurate. At beyond 5 meters it back focus by about 30 cm (i.e. although I focus at a point, the sharpness occurred about 30 cm behind it - consistently). As suggested, I will do careful test in a couple of weeks or as soon as time permit. I only found out about it recently as I usually take picture of subjects within 2 - 3 meters. The thought of parting with either the lens or M9 for a few months is not comforting. As soon as I have done the test, I will report the result back. Thanks again.
  4. Dear All, Has anyone experienced back focus on Summicron 75 Apo ASPH at a longer distant of around 8-10 metre mark, aperture F2.0, using Leica M9? I recently noticed this occurrence. Close focus of around 1m is accurate. Any comment or input as to what I need to do to rectify this? Thank you in advance.
  5. twom4


    interesting study of lights and shadows... well done...
  6. twom4

    The camera look at the camera

    Nice "camera".
  7. twom4

    1.138 Firmware-THE ANSWER

    I downloaded the firmware using MacBook Pro and installed it on my M9 without problem. I was not even aware there was issue with this.
  8. I would not buy anything of value from Lucky Plaza in Singapore. Too many bad incidents and experiences. I would also avoid Alan Photo. Cathay Photo provides the best overall service and price in my personal experiences.
  9. twom4

    Instant Deployment Case - Cool!

    for every good product there is...
  10. ... and also depends on the acidity of users' sweat.
  11. twom4

    Thickness of M9 a problem?

    I have been using film Ms for many years and owned 8 of them. No problem whatsoever when switching to M9. I wonder why it's an issue for you? Is it a matter of habit or just feel?
  12. Thank you Uliwer. Most useful answer.
  13. twom4

    Is this a Billingham bag?

    Billingham has gone far from it's original design and quality. I am a fan of this brand and have a few of them.