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  1. enboe

    M10-P or M10R

    There is a technician in Garden Grove, CA, Cuong, I believe is his name, that routinely re-polishes and re-coats vintage Leica glass. You may want to track him down. Eric
  2. My impression is that the pre-Aspherical 35/1.4 is about half the size of the current batch. (wink) Eric
  3. I think the photo taken at 2019-12-05 10:16:43 is the best example. Lovely composition, subject/background separation, and lens-unique bokeh balls from the Christmas tree lights. I bought mine nearly 20 years ago when you could get a new ASPH or a used/mint ASPHERICAL for the same price. You have re-inspired me to get it out for this holiday season. Eric
  4. Surprised nobody has chimed in, but I like the Leica leather strap that was included with the original Monochrom. I have purchased a couple of them for my current bodies: https://leicastoremiami.com/products/leica-m-monochrom-neck-strap-black?variant=808944545 Eric
  5. Definitely a favorite, had it out with the 50 APO today. If you understand how to read light, focus, and compose, it will not disappoint. I would be in a pinch if I had to choose just one digital M, the M10-D or an M10. The screen is useful when it is needed, but its so seldom that the M10-D might just win out. Eric
  6. Mujk - I have achieved an improvement from ~95-98% good exposures on M8/M9/M240/M-D262 to 99.8% good exposures on the M10-D. It may be practice, or new firmware, that I cannot say. Like the M-D262, the M10-D is a "deterministic" camera, where the results are exactly what I expect, something critical for a screen-less design. No need to worry that I am giving something up. Eric
  7. Perhaps you can benefit from my decades of experience buying, using, and eventually selling cameras. Be mentally prepared to pay fair market value for a camera without problems. You may have to be patient to find a clean, problem-free example, but when you do, you know what the fair market price is and will be prepared to pay it. Ebay Completed Listings and collectiblend.com are two good sources for looking at prices. Expect to pay a mid-range price. Buying used can save you money, especially if you are expert in the make and model you seek. Knowing the issues, wear-and-tear item
  8. Like 250SWB, I also had this happen a couple of times through years of use, maybe once every 5000 frames. A pop-out of the battery solved it each time. Still, it was disconcerting. No such behaviors were seen with the M-P240, M262, M246, or M-D262. Eric
  9. I took the M10-D with the 50 APO on a week's vacation recently and upon returning, downloaded and reviewed the images. The images included a mix of daylight and indoors, bright and low-light, ranging from ~2000K to full daylight. Of the 581 images I took, only 1 was out of bounds for exposure. I would have to hard-count them to do the statistics, but I would estimate the exposure standard deviation at 1/3 stop with a neutral to 1/4 stop underexposure-biased mean. Best in-camera "classic" style Leica metering performance I have used to date. Eric P.S. I found the ability to set t
  10. Concur, although they also make a long-nose neoprene case as well, some room for growth/new lenses.
  11. FLE is generally considered better due to focus shift correction, however both produce wonderful images. If critical focus plane control is necessary, you can use live view. Eric
  12. Perhaps a rental is in your future. There is a learning curve to rangefinder focusing and metering, but once mastered, are both very fast, accurate, and easy. Don't count the M8 out for color at lower ISOs. It provides Kodachrome-like results when lenses are equipped with IR-cut filters. One method for B&W + Color is to set your Leica M digital up for DNG + JPEG, select B&W for the JPEG color space on the camera. The back screen will show B&W images, the JPEGs will be B&W, but you will still have the full-information DNG files that you can process as color or B&a
  13. There are three E49 UVa filters: 13035 - Newest, UVA-III, fits fine. 13328 - Original, UVA, should fit as well. 13329 - slim filter for MATE-2, slightly larger external diameter - does not fit inside of hood. Enjoy.
  14. No issues here. It is one of my favorite lenses, by the way. I would love to find one of the rare silver ones to complement my silver camera body. Eric
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