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  1. Night photography with film? Why not the fastest 35 made? Granted it is not a Leitz made lens but the latest version of the 35 f1.2 Nokton is outstanding and does not cost an arm and leg. But it. is not. compact so that might be a consideration. For compact, you cannot beat the 35f2.8. C.-Biogon from Zeiss but not the fastest 35 on the market by a long shot (but possibly the sharpest). Of course, you. could do as I did, buy both and still have money left over compared to a Leica 35. Or the new 35f2 APO from Voightlander but you may not notice its performance on a film camera. And both Z
  2. Call Leica. They have helped me with small things like screws in the past (often for free).
  3. My travel combo is 35/90 and has been for years. I have never owned a 75 and don't think I have missed anything. If wider than 35, then an aux finder. The 35 FOV is probably my favorite and I think it is significant that I reach for the Fuji X100F when I want digital.
  4. Reminds me of the old debate "How Many Angeles Can Dance on the Head of a Pin." and equally as useful. Have owned them all and have used them all.
  5. Yes, sent button wind M2 too Tamarkin. It was CLA'ed about three years ago and had a couple dozen rolls through it since then. I have lots of other film cameras besides Leica and all the cameras were not being used enough so I decided to share the wealth. Even sent the MP240 as I found myself carrying the X100f when I traveled.
  6. I sent three Leica's to Tamarkin yesterday and kept a black chrome 50th anniversary M4 in mint condition which I purchased last year. For digital, I have a Fuji X100f while for medium format a Rollie and for close work a Nikon F with 55f3.5 Micro Nikkor. Am pretty well covered and don't see myself selling any of the above.
  7. I use two 35's: the Zeiss 35f2.8 C Biogon for sharpness, compactness and travel and the 35f1.2 Nokton for speed when needed. I would consider getting rid of both and getting the Zeiss 35f1.4 but not in any rush. I used to have (until last week) three 50's and am now down to one. Don't like leaving gear sitting unused as I consider it a waste of money.
  8. And I said it before but there is absolutely no reason not to look at Zeiss and Voigtlander unless you have a Leica fetish.
  9. There are probably other limited series film M cameras which may just bring up one frame line. I was talking primarily about the general production series cameras. And as I said if a single frame line is important a visit to DAG or Sherry or YeYe can cure the itch if you don't want an M2. And the FujiX100 also brings up only one frame line in the optical viewfinder.
  10. All M cameras since the M4-P with the .72 magnification finder bring up frame lines in pairs: 28/90, 35/135, and 50/75 unless the finder has been modified by a Leica technician at its owner's request. If you want only want one frame line when shooting, you can have a frame line eliminated for $$ by a Leica repair person. If you want 35 only, the choice is M2. If you want 50, the choice is M2 or M3 or M4 or M4-2 or M5 (which also brings up metering area). The .58 magnification finder shows the 35 frame line solo. The MA and MP finders show the frame lines in pairs just like all M's since
  11. My two lens travel kit is a 35 (various ones depending on film or digital) and a 90f2.8 Elmarit. I leave the 50 at home. If I am lazy and don't want to carry two lenses, then a 50 but I am finding more and more that I can do almost everything with just a 35. However the 90's are so small, it is hard to. leave it at home. I had a 90f2.8 Tele Elmarit M and it is smaller than my 50f2 Summicron Version V. And they are cheap. It was stolen in December and replaced ;with the latest 90f2.8 Elmarit-a bit more expensive and larger but not overly so. The 90 f2 Summicrons are simply too big and wi
  12. I think both those APO lenses are overkill for film. If you want Leica lenses, the current version of the 35 or 50 Summicron would be outstanding. However, both Zeiss and Voigtlander are making killer lenses in those focal lengths as well. The 35f2.8 C Biogon may be the sharpest lens made in 35mm and goes new for less than $900 while the 50 Planar or Sonnar also have a number of fans and cost less then half of the Summicrons. And although I don't know much about them, remember that Voightlander is making APO lenses in both 35 and 50 focal lengths for a cost of about one tenth that of Leica
  13. Sure hope so as I have acquired a 3f made in 1952 and a mint 50th anniversary M4 in black chrome in the last ten months. Am looking to sell my MP240 due to lack of use as I carry a X100f when I want a digital travel camera.
  14. When I was a professional photographer back in the early 1970's, bokeh had not been invented yet. We bought lenses based on things like focal length, aperture and ergonomics. We knew f2 was probably better for portraits than f11 or f16 depending on the background. And a 6mm fisheye attached to a Nikon F probably was not too suitable for taking portraits. As a working newspaper photographer, it was f8 and be there. I have a 50 Summicron Version 1 which came with my 3f. It has recently been CLA'ed by DAG and I have a chrome 50 Summicron Version 5. I just ordered a LTM adopter to use
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