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  1. keptstein, my recently acquired M10-R developed this problem as well. It wouldn't fire unless you exert enourmous force on shutter. Josh, at Leica Store Miami, asked me to bring it to the store to take a look at it. Bottom line, mine had a loose part on the shutter (I am not a technical person on this topic). He tightened it and now it works like a charm. You may want to contact Josh at the store and ask him to walk you through this process. It may be the same problem as yours. Javier
  2. robsonj, do you have a link for that refund request? thanks.
  3. Thank you brill64 for the information on lenses used. I have a 28mm elmarit version iv that I may bring along with the 35mm and 50mm Summilux. Javier
  4. Thank you to both end and brill64 for the valuable information. I want to travel light and I think the 35mm and 50mm lenses would come pretty handy. I have a Leica table tripod that I may bring along with a monopod for the early morning shoot. Thanks again. Javier
  5. Nice pictures brill64. What lenses did you take to photograph the temples, and what lenses, if any, you wished you had brought with you? Thanks. Javier
  6. Nice picture. I ma going to Angkor Wat in mid March for two nights only. My questions are 1) what lenses would you recommend for the park and 2) did you use a tripod for this picture? Thanks. Javier Montiel
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