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  1. A young sparrowhawk born during this spring. Regards.
  2. I am sorry about the subtraction, Manolo. I think that the solution will be able to come for what you could obtain with the insurance company. Sadly it is slightly probable that the police recover the camera. The big cameras always have the problem of attracting the thieves. With the Hasselblad I have had slightly agreeable episodes (though they have never stolen it from me). Regards
  3. Yes, of course. Perhaps your solution is the easiest way of outdo this minor problem. Regards
  4. Thanks you, Vieri Awesome comparison of two lenses of superior quality. For me, te most significant fact of your analysis is the bluish cast of the 24-90 zoom. All of my Leica lenses are have a neutral tone. Regards
  5. Congratulations Manolo. This lens is a superb lens in view of the charts make for Leica. I trust you can corroborate this. Regards.
  6. Luckily, they are lavish colleagues which inform us about this basic aspect of the equipment available. Thanks.
  7. Somebody know what is its weigth?
  8. Congrats and good luck with your new gear.
  9. With the three Canon 5D bodies I have had to date (5D, Mk II and Mk III) the Telyt 280/4 lens hasn't produced any fringe with or without the converter Apo x1,4. It's the best telephoto lens I have ever used. The Nikkor 300/4,5 ED (no AF) has less definition although it has good constrast. When used in the hands its handling is rather more difficult than the Telyt 280/4. Regards
  10. I live in a Spanish town near the French border. Before (when I bought my first Leica), all photo gear was bought in France. One day I entered a photo store of Hendaye (the little town on the French side of the border) and the shop assistant told me that the prices of the Leica brand would rise on 1st April and that in Paris the prices of Leica gear were low. When I came back home I stopped at the train station in Hendaye and asked about the first train to Paris. At 2 a.m. I started the journey to Paris and at 8,15 a.m. I was already in Austerlitz station. I bought an M6 with a 3
  11. Very sorry to your loos. I bougth my first Leica M on Paris some years ago and I went visiting the city with my new gear during one week without problems. Thieves are everywhere and you have has bad lucky.
  12. The best test for a lens. Astonishing. Water resistant Leica lens on Vimeo José
  13. When the S system was presented, in Photokina 2008, was announced the tilt/shift lens would be the 30 mm lens. With the launch of the Elmarit-S 30mm f/2.8 ASPH lens, this prediction isn’t achieved for the time being. The announce of Stefan Daniel, last week, about one tilt/shift lens to come in next years in the S system leave the doubt about the focal length of the tilt/shift lens. Would be a 35 mm lens equivalent to the PC Super Angulon lens of the R series or will be a 45 mm lens equivalent to the old PA Curtagon? Both lenses were built by Scheneider-Kreuznach manufacturer. Or, if this lens
  14. According with Stefan Daniel, in this year will be released the 30 mm and then the 30-90 mm zoom lenses. In other words, in two months the lenses available for the S2 system will be considerably increased. In the year 2012 the widest lens in the system, the 24 mm, will be commercialiazed. Exclusive: Leica Interview – October 2011 • MegaPixel
  15. David, Do you know how much CS lenses finally will be released? (if the nine lenses announced for the S2 will have the CS version) Thanks in advance.
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