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  1. One of the points behind not offering valuations is to avoid endless arguments. In the final analysis what something is worth is what somebody else will pay for it. I would suggest that KEH is a good reference point using a similar lens
  2. Which raises the question: if 5000 subscribers pledged $2500 dollars ahead of time and $2500 upon completion, could Leitz do a run of black III F RD and make a profit... And would they??? Being black paint they wouldn't fall foul of the EU restrictions on Chromium plating. I can dream David
  3. And the same telescope, not as well aged chemically, with the "Ross London" engraving http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=111017776559&index=6&nav=SEARCH&nid=93044706462 David. If the brass stuff is not Soviet, pretty much it will be Indian. E Leitz was very good in chrome plating their products in 1936 and they would not make "cheap stuff"
  4. I looked up the "Better Business Bureau" for New York City and they are not accredited. What a surprise. (What is the German for that) I looked at the terms of sale and they deny any responsibility whatsoever... But I dont think any kind of legal words can absolve you in the USA of fraud or conspiracy to commit fraud. Nevertheless: Let the buyer beware. David
  5. I sent them an email informing them that it was a Russian camera modified with the intention of deceiving ignorant purchasers. I will report here if they respond. David
  6. Thanks for the chuckle: it's a former Soviet Union something or other: either a Zorki or FED or something. David
  7. In high end electronics it surely should be a trivial cost to put in a wifi "SOS" signal which would activate and find the location of a stolen item, like the app for the iPhone. Or every image could have a unique watermark so that any picture on the web could be identified as to which camera and where and when the picture was taken. This would make stealing stuff much less profitable: even so, stealing an S2 is like stealing a work of art or an expensive musical instrument: the buyers would know that it was stolen
  8. My first Leica was an M3 with collapsible Summicron. It is so fine I would never need another lens or camera. But it makes you *want* more Leitz lenses. David
  9. No, alas I had to go back to work and I missed it. In one of the boxes I did buy, I acquired an R4 motor drive, so now I'm looking for an R4. I bought a NOOKY and am now looking for a IIIF RDST David
  10. Oh I went "Yard Sailing" and discovered an immaculate black SL with Summicron R and case. I think I can get it for US$200.... Should I????
  11. As the FAQ says, we don't do valuations on this site. With a few exceptions, the value of an antique camera is what someone else is willing to pay you cash for. Look ar Ebay, but not the prices that are "buy it now" or "gokevin..."'or "photoarse****"" but actually what people sell for. Do some research and don't expect big bucks
  12. Well at least you can be proud of it (note to nonBritish-English speakers: proud-of-it sounds like Pradovit which is the name for the range of Leitz projectors and so, in pointing out the joke, it is no longer funny.....) David
  13. Of course Leitz makes other optical equipment so it might be from a spotting scope or an industrial measuring device or surveying instrument.... are you looking for your relatives old camera that could be "worth a fortune"???? David
  14. Nice shots, but you really should have used a Super Angliaon.... oops I mead a Super Angulon (note that British Humour does not always translate) David
  15. The voigtlander 25 f0.95 only covers micro 4/3 format so even if you could mount it on an M, the flange to sensor distance on micro 4/3 is about 18mm and on an M it is about 28mm so your maximum distance you would be able to focus at would be ( very roughly) 170mm away from the lens. Most (old mechanical)slr manufacturers lenses can be adapted, and the Amadeo adapter from Venezuela can adapt ancient Contax lenses. Search the net. David
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