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  1. Hallo Edi, ich muß zugeben, daß ich mir noch keine hochwertigen SW Bilder habe drucken lassen, aber ich habe auch lange einen Anbieter gesucht, der meine Bilder nicht mehr weiterverarbeitet, sondern das druckt was man hinschickt. Außerdem kann man sich dort die ICC Profile der Drucker herunterladen und in die Bilder einbetten. Ich habe bisher nur Farbbilder 7 bzw SW Bilder in kleinen Formaten zum Üben und Lernen drucken lassen - bin aber mit der Qualität sehr zufrieden. Allerdings habe ich nicht viel Vergleiche. + Man kann ICC Profile der dortigen Printmaschinen herunterladen un
  2. Hallo zusammen, an anderer Stelle in diesem Forum hat man mich vor einiger Zeit "überzeugt", daß ich wohl nicht um eine tiefere Einarbeitung - zumindest in Photoshop Elements 6 oder 7 - herumkommen werde. Ich hatte eine Testversion von Elements 6 und hatte diese eigentlich nur als "Host" für "Silver Efex" benutzt. Mein Workflow: DNG mit Phase One -> .tiff mit 16 Bit Farbtiefe entwickeln; dann Öffnen in Photoshop Elements und aufrufen des "plugin" - Silver Efex zur Schwarz Weiß Bearbeitung. ( Ich hatte bisher aber auch nur eine Testversion von Silver Efex auf dem Rechner. Beide Testv
  3. Hello everyone, thanks for your thoughts and suggestions ..... It is always difficult to find a decision in this regards .. but I think I will go for the Summarit ... I could find as well some pictures taken with this lens and to me they looked very good. OK, the Cron ist clearly the better lens ,., more versatile, apo ... etc ..... but costs simply the double price ,,,, ,,, I need as well some other equipment to work with --- some software etc - as I learned from some of you in another thread where I asked some other newcomer questions ... Overall I think I can win more when I take
  4. Hello everyone, right now I think about another lens for my M8. I use the 28 Elmarit and the 50 Summarit until yet. I'd like to do another "investment" into a tele lens. The new Summarit lenses are much cheaper than the Summicron - ok, this means, there is normally as well a downside of the lower price. Is there anybody who used the two versions and found remarkeable differences? - except the price? Do you think the quality and usability of the two lenses are comparable? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  5. Hello Rob, let me ask you one additional question: You mentioned explicitely that you used 640 ASA and - 240 dpi ! Is this as well some kind of key for the look in this picture? I used for the picture of the car as well 640 ASA, but for printing I use always 300 dpi and for pictures I held on th PC , just 72 dpi.( because I thought monitors cannot show more than 72 ) Why 240 dpi? Wheat is the special effect of this? or is it just by chance? and has not a specific background or relation to the very soft and natural look of the picture. ? Thanks , Hartmut
  6. Thanks a lot for the examples of my picture with some "grain" - this is something I had not expected to see. To be honest, I like most the one made with the Alien Skin software. It has for me the most natural look - the grain is not so obvious, but it is available - very natural I think. Again thanks for the thoughts in regards to not adding grain to digital pictures ... Yes I understand the arguments and I think I will follow such arguments as well in many cases .... But I think, one can and should use the full potential of the new techology; including simulating the more traditioh
  7. BTW. I must admit that in the picture above I did exactly what I said I want not to do - I removed something. Here I removed a white information display, and a "corner " of the next car . The disply was such a typical museum acessory on which you can read the information about the car etc.. But that thing really destroyed the picture So - OK I have to agree that a photoshop like tool is sometimes helpful. And In undertsood that I need to learn much more about it in order to use it correctly with the darkroom features. WOW - I just saw the picture including some grain .... mmmhhh s
  8. Yes you are correct - I do not know how to use it - otherwise I'd like it - most probably. I never learned to use the darkroom ... You might be correct: If I knew how this works I would be able as well to understand much better the features and functions of suchphotoshop tools. My only chance is then to accept the challange in order to learn photoshop ----- at least teh elements version of it? My biggest fear ist always that I completely destroy the "quality" of the picture not knowing exactly what the tool does because I cannot overlook the complexity of it operation ...I cannot
  9. Hello everyone, THANK's A LOT !!! for all your tips, thoughts and ideas. It is really overwhelming to see so many interesting answers to my question. There is now a lot of material for soem experiments and surely to reflect again some interesting thoughts as to whether it is really necessary to simulate something that is not available - because it is digital. I agree, this is not necessary and one can take a conventional camera - but I'm not a professional photographer - it is just my hobby. I do not have so many other cameras. ( just a small Nikon digicam and a Nikon F90X (= N90X) for c
  10. Hello everyone, I'm pretty new in this forum ... I bought my first Leica (M8) in July this year. Meanwhile I read some of your contributions and a lot of this was really helpfull for me to get started. I saw as well a lot of pictures in the meantime that show an "anlogues look" by having more or less grain ( no noise! ). Is there a way to calculate such grain with Capture One into the pictures or is this only possible with Photoshop? If yes, who can suggest a way to get this done? I'd prefer not to use Photoshop - this is something personal obviously - I do not really like this software
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