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  1. M 4-P is a great camera. I either use a handheld light meter or Sunny 16 exposure method. If you want a built in meter get yourself a good used M6. You can’t go wrong either way, Enjoy your camera! Rick Smith
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    Hi Stuf64, I have an M8 which I have recently been using, but I miss the thrill of seeing analog pictures for the first time and I'm thinking of returning to my MP which I purchased a few years ago. There's something about film that I'm missing. Enjoy your new camera. Wayne R. Smith
  3. Woody, Enjoy your M8.2. I'm a little jealous since I only have an M8. I'm thinking of trading it in and getting an M8.2, but I'm not sure it's worth the additional money to upgrade. Wayne R. Smith
  4. Hello everybody and thanks for your interest. I thought sometime in May would be good. I'm open to share any ideas about where or when. It would be great to meet for lunch to get acquainted and then go take pictures somewhere. I'm pretty flexible as to when or where. There's a lot of nice places out east where I am (North Fork farm and wine country). We could always stop in a winery for a glass of wine afterwards! I've have also often gone to Old Bethpage Village to take pictures. William, thanks for your service in Vietnam. It would be great if some of your group could make it, but I don't wa
  5. Anyone from Long Island who would like to get together for lunch and a spring shoot somewhere on the Island. I'm in Riverhead. Wayne R. Smith
  6. Thanks to everyone for their opinions. I'm leaving on Sunday morning and I have a feeling that I will bring my M8 as well as D-Lux 4. Wayne R.
  7. Hello All, I'm leaving for a week in Disney World on Sunday. I thinking of only taking my D-Lux 4 so I don't have to carry around my M8 and a couple of lenses all day. Will I be sorry not taking more than that? Wayne R.
  8. Hi Guys! The same thing has happened to me. Unfortunately, I had no idea where it fell off. I tried retracing my steps but no luck. I decided not to buy another one. Too expensive for a piece of plastic that I would only loose again. Has anyone seen any difference in pictures not using one? Regards, Wayne Smith
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