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  1. ddp

    On Safari..

    Great shot...again, love the look on the files from the S here.
  2. Skin tones on this are fantastic - very nice shot. Love the look of this file.
  3. Replica, I am sure. A shot from the summer on this cold New Years Eve in New Jersey. M9 & 50 Summilux.
  4. ddp

    Chinese Poet

    Beautiful image...things are so different now in our little world of imaging. Really makes me miss Kodachrome.
  5. ddp

    My Bride

    Teri, shot casually.
  6. The 2nd & 4th shot really stand out. Wow...that lens is superb.
  7. Mitch - thank you for this thread. The shots you're posting look like what night shots should look like (to me). They have that certain ambience and what appears to me as being "natural". As someone who shoots with both an M9 and a Nikon D3s - I am aware of what each machine can do, and what they can't. The D3s has almost unreal ability in low lighting, but my experiences have been that it tends to make the scene look far different than what my eyes relay. Anyhow, thanks again!
  8. Montclair, I am guessing. Good place for sure.
  9. ddp

    The last of his kind...

    Oh, this is fantastic. Captures alot of stuff here. Great shot.
  10. ddp

    Okay, I Lied...

    Brent, I think these are the strongest you've posted from that event - especially that third shot! Wow - so much energy there. Great looking files too!
  11. I don't get into the city as much as I should at this point, but she has NYC written all over her. That shot has impact.
  12. ddp

    Peace Niece

    Great shot, love the colors and everything about it.
  13. Awesome is pretty much the first word that came to mind here. Just great!
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