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  1. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the link. I guess the SC5000 is too young to show the symptoms of clogging. Maybe after the summer vacation we see the first color missing .... Uwe
  2. As I burnt my fingers with the Epson 4900 clogged print head, I wonder if someone has used the new Surecolor 5000. I guess no experiences yet with clogging (or most likely not)
  3. Thanks, great comparison. Just to clarify, all MacBook Pro with the same 10.12.x Sierra operating system?
  4. I think the thin wires are a very unreliable, if not dangerous option, as there are 5 cables required. Maybe the modification of the EVF with parts of an extension cable flash plate and micro plug could be looked at
  5. Maybe the wifi / wlan option can offer a solution to the problem. Maybe not right now, but with some firmware modifications? But going back to the original problem .... I find focusing through the EVF (2) much more difficult than the standard view finder. (Don't know the M10 / EVF combi)
  6. no, won't work, as the EVF has contacts in the front of the flash shoe
  7. und erlaubte 1/8000 sec als Verschlusszeit, war schon gut ...
  8. Die M8 mit dem metalischem Verschluss war sehr laut. Die Modifikation später oder die M8.2 waren erheblich leiser
  9. the comment was related to ND filter from the comment earlier and the ND will not help for highlight section, just makes it darker, so the exposure could do the same thing and with the lowest ISO of 100 you could expose faster with wider aperture
  10. I think the dynamic range refers to the ISO range, not the A/D resolution
  11. what would a ND do differently than a proper exposure compensation or exposure setting?
  12. " Leica will withiut a doubt take their time with an M10 Monochrom. They will most likely wait until the M10 sales and the M246 sales drop. " Right, but if we wait until the sales drops, we might see it earlier rather than later ... actually, I would like to see it
  13. Hi Wattsy, I think we miss the M10 Titanium before the ping pong rubber Mt Everest version ...
  14. hmm, I saw that there are already folk asking for the options of the M11 , but wouldn't the M10 Monochrom be on the list first?
  15. Du sagst "mid 2010" ... Welches Betriebsystem benutzt Du? Aperture wird ja leider schon lange nicht mehr unterstützt und da kann es sicherlich einige Probleme geben. Ich benutze auch Aperture noch oft, aber habe schon einige Macken unter OS Sierra bemerkt, die under "alten" OS Versionen einwandfrei funktionieren
  16. I agree, the RIP software is the way to go. Image Print has a great library of paper, better than Mirage. A low cost RIP is Quad Tone, but you would need to check the printer/canvas combi. Not sure if the Quad Tone trial version places some stuff on the print, Image Print does
  17. I'm pondering about the latest DXO myself. They had a special offer some time back for the version 7 or 8 or so, but I missed that. A friend is using it a lot with LR 6 and he's happy with the optics correction with his Canon. As for Leica, they offer a few modules for various lenses/cameras I currently use mainly C1 but the workflow is a pain ... Maybe this post should be in the "Digital Post Processing Forum" for more feedback?
  18. Hi Luke, while still in Houston, my MM1 developed spots as well. Got the sensor replaced early this year. same for me, very satisfied with the service and quality of work.
  19. ha ha ha , good joke ... live view with more than 240 sec exposure time agree with film not a real solution, unless you scan the negatives, but still the second exposure with M digital slows you down a lot
  20. I do a lot of night shooting and usually the second shot for noise compensation is a bit annoying. If you want "super long" how long does that second shot need to be? I always wished for some sort of look up table for sensor noise would be useful, so no need for the second shot. for > 10 min, I use my good old M6, so don't look somewhere else, just get yourself a nice used Leica M film and you can use your lenses
  21. meiner Meinung nach bietet 500px die beste Qualität
  22. yes, the 4900 is not new. New will be the PRO system " The only advantage to waiting a month or two is that we will release Piezography PRO then. This is a dual ink system that lets you blend the two sets together independently in the shadows, midtones and highlights. It also allows printing of the GO at the same time as the inks - rather than a second printing. Best regards, Jon " "
  23. Cone is working on a new "Pro" system. I was in contact with him last month and the new system is expected to be out in a few weeks time. As for my 4900, it will allow a combined glossy and mate system. I'm waiting for that to modify my 4900
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