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  1. That’s a shame. It never really occurred to me that a camera might use the same sort of chips as a car or mobile phone, but I suppose there’s a knock-on effect. I’ve been too scared to buy a used M7 recently in case the electronics fail and it turns instantly into a £3,000 paperweight, but I don’t think I could resist a brand new version.
  2. I know we’re almost certainly getting an announcement from Leica about the next digital M body today, but I can’t be the only one hoping for an M7 “sequel”, the M13. Aperture priority, preferably with a hybrid shutter with the functionality of the Nikon FM3a, and under £5,000 please.
  3. I don’t think this should be in the People section - dogs are far better than people!
  4. Thanks for this. I wonder if I was thinking of problems with one if the M6 models - is it the M6TTL which has parts availability issues?
  5. Last time I checked, you could buy an M10 brand new with a warranty and full parts and service support. Not sure that’s the case for an M7. You can also insure a camera against theft, but not against a breakdown or failure that renders is it a £2000 paperweight.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts, everyone. @Matlock - I know that answer is “just buy an M7”, but I’ve lost more than I could really afford on a car this year (Discovery 4, broken crankshaft, £10,000 to repair), so I don’t want to get my fingers burnt again. I’d love the Zeiss, always fancied one, but rarer than rocking horse poo in the UK, unless someone can tell me where to look.
  7. I’d really like one - I liked the build quality, the weight, the viewfinder, everything about the M6, but I really do prefer aperture priority. I don’t think I could bring myself to spend £2500 or more on a camera that might die and be unrepairable at any moment. For me, not much more than new electronics so it can still be repaired for the next couple of decades, although a shutter that works at all speeds with it without batteries like the FM3a would be great.
  8. Morning all, It’s a while since I’ve owned a Leica, although in the past I’ve had an M6 and an M8. My dream is to get rid of my digital SLR and my Nikon FM3a and have a pair of Leica M bodies, digital for colour and film for B & W, with two or three lenses shared between the two. My problem is I usually shoot in aperture priority and don’t really want to gamble on the electronics of a secondhand M7. I know the chances of it actually happening are incredibly tiny, but if Leica ever launched an aperture priority film M, an M7.2, what features would you like to see? Andy
  9. Hi all, I just picked up my M6 (bought second hand about 18 months ago) to go out shooting, and one of the strap lugs came clean out of the body. I've emailed Leica in Milton Keynes, but in the meantime, I just wondered if anyone had ever experienced this? Any idea of repair costs - the other one turns, too, so I assume I'm looking at having both replaced. Thanks for any help, Andy
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