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  1. The problem I see here, with the Leica M with EVF and R-adapter, is not just that it 'rolls off the tongue' so easily, but it misses to point of the Leica reflex system. I am an inexperienced nature photographer but I can already see that this solution would not suit me, even after a lottery-win! The Leica reflex was a very popular camera (and still is) with nature photographers using film, from Fred Hazelhoff to Nonrbert Rosing. It is the build quality and the truly accurate calibration that makes the Leica R SLR so dependable for those once-in-a-life-time shots that every nature ph
  2. I hope I am not repeating too many others but... The Leica M-monochrom looks like a very clever way to use the light gathering chip - I am sure it is every bit as crisp as claimed and some! And some again. However, if someone wants a leica range finder for black and white, I would recommend the Leica M6 or M7 for use with a wide range of Ilford film from fast and grainy Delta 3200 to fine grained and contrasty Pan F. I can't help but feel it is just a "headliner" but not altogether that much of an advantage over traditional photography. The pixel count would need to be in the regio
  3. Hello all, new to using this forum.... I have just bought a Jobo CPP-2 manual colour processor from ebay. It was cheap as it needed some servicing. I had to replace all the retaining clips on the Lift. I have put Heatshrink over the drain pipe to prevent any further leaks over the motor. The only fault is loose conection to the LCD display, such that although it works fine, it flickers from dim to bright occassionally. In all it has cost £200. I found the drain pipe on the Jobo processors with a Lift is made from Fish Pond Pump Hose. Unfortunately, that is only available in 20mm or 25m
  4. Hi Robert, Thanks. If the F-mode does work with the DMR that is great news. I understood it not to work. Have you used this function? Anyway thanks again for the explanation. James.
  5. Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. I joined to see if any one has heard any news about a replacement for the Leica R digtal back; the DMR. Has anyone heard any rumours yet? Will Leica replace the digital back or come out with an all new digital body, an R-X. Personally I really like the concept of a digital back to a film camera. I have heard discussions of auto-focus but I think that would be more suited to a D-system solution where there is already image stabilisation; a Digilux 4. Full frame would be good (but not essential to me) but I believe this could not be fitted into
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