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  1. So you want to make real paper copies? Then, of course, the advantages that otto.f has called for the benefit of Delta 100 are decisive. For me the Delta 100 is the best medium fast B & W film of all time. Best Ludwig
  2. Do you make paper prints? If not, then the film choice does not matter, and you make all adjustments according to your taste with the help of digital image processing. Best Ludwig
  3. In German public TV about Leica was nevertheless noted that a team under female leadership is responsible for the Summarit line. Their name was mentioned only briefly and also mumbling. Even as a male Leica-fan, I find this behavior to be quite hurtful. Best Ludwig
  4. I believe that it is a reflection of the sun from the lower inside of the lens hood. Under this particular angle of the sun, it would have been better to do without the lens hood. But one does not realize that beforehand. Best, Ludwig
  5. Fettschmutz kriegt man weg mit trockenem Fensterleder. Keine Flüssigkeit nehmen, sondern nur ein wenig anhauchen,
  6. Hello manivelle, Beautifully designed scenery. But apparently you forgot to use a fill flash, which would make the faces appear more appealing. Best wishes Ludwig
  7. Primarily Leica chose insert filters for the CL Summicron to avoid any vignetting. Screw-in filters would protrude more. Retaining rings for insert filters (aka series filters) traditionally have a pitch of 0.75mm. The rubber hood, which is used in place of the retaining ring to hold the filter, of course, has the same thread pitch of 0.75mm.
  8. Hi, There seems to be a lint which is stuck in the track of the focal plane shutter. To get it, you will need to open the shutter with B. Regards Ludwig
  9. I like the second. Your over processing is not so much here. Best, Ludwig.
  10. Dave Mac, Test shots without wet prints one can forget. If possible, please take pictures in good weather (blue sky, clouds, yellow filter). Only by means of scans of the wet prints one can decide whether this is a viable film and developer combination. Thank you in advance. Best, Leicanerd.
  11. In my opinion, for wet prints Ilford Delta 100 is the most appropriate. Kodak TMax 100 produces boring wet prints. However, when scanning, you can adjust its characteristic curve and then you will benefit from its slightly higher fineness. Fuji Neopan Acros 100 is best for high contrast prints that reflect only part of the reality, not the whole scene starting from shadows up to white clouds on the blue sky. Therefore, it is not an universal film. If you want to reduce its contrast for wet prints, you are confronted with a small dynamic range, causing flat lights. Regards, Ludwig
  12. Die nicht überstrahlte Oberkante ist jedoch ein Indiz dafür, dass der Flare nicht vom Objektiv stammt, sondern von der notorisch ungenügenden Ausschwärzung in Leica M-Kamerabodies.
  13. Aber ja!Allerdings sehe ich als "halben Weg" jenen Teil, der üblicherweise als die zweite Hälfte des Weges betrachtet wird. Damit meine ich, dass du die SW-Filme durch Profis in einem standardisierten Prozess entwickeln lässt. Schließlich handelt es sich ja um UNIKATE mit sicherlich unwiederbringlichen Aufnahmen. Die zweite Hälfte des Weges, nämlich die Bilder mit einem preisgünstigen Vergrößerer selbst anzufertigen, ist ein no-brainer und naturgemäß risikolos. Da hat man seine Wechselrahmen schnell mit ansprechenden Fotos bestückt. In der SW-Fotografie existiert einzig das C-41 Colorver
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