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  1. DwF

    X and AF speed questions

    Happy to assist. The Viso is pricey, I found mine used at a good price. They do come up for sale used. It is a nice unit especially because it senses your eye at the finder so no need to play with switches. Here is a link I found to video with autofocus but maybe not what you are looking for. Best wishes, David
  2. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Foggy Friday Morning at Sunrise
  3. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Another glorious sundown; this evening at the Waterfront
  4. DwF

    X and AF speed questions

    Hello and welcome! I think by X, you are referring to the X-113. I have and X-113 but have no real examples to share how fast or slow the AF is. I find it satisfactory for my needs. The manual focus for this type of camera with focus peeking works well. The X-113 (unlike the X Vario) uses the Visoflex 020 that mounts to the hot shoe. I don't use my Viso a lot but it works very nicely and great to have a long when I need it. The Viso 020 will come on as your eye reaches the finder, provides all of the info you'd see in the EVF, including focus peeking, and it also tilts. The focusing is not fly by wire but feels very solid! I think you said it with the word "gem". It's a really well designed camera. I will be interested if you pick one up that you don't find yourself wanting to use it over the Q! David
  5. DwF

    Observation on XV Photos

    Adam, This is a good observation you make. I think some other Leica models, tend to come and go quickly and can't help but compare this camera to the new CL even though that one is "better" outclassing this camera in several respects. In spite of the specs, I find I am drawn to both X-Vario and also my X-113, both of which could be purchased together used for the price of a new CL body! The X-Vario is not without quirks, but I am fine to live with them because of the way the camera draws, ease of use, layout and so on. And the dials are real mechanical ones making it feel in design, and aesthetic in the tradition of Leicas I've owned and loved over the decades. Of course how the images and files work to process is critical. There is something for sure in having lens and sensor optimized with fixed lens cameras. David
  6. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Color, both skin tone and brown hue of the horses and rendering is superb in this picture....to say nothing of the blues! David PS website is playing tricks on me...was reacting to earlier post from Gary of horses in Stockholm
  7. After concert drink with friends. The room was actually quite dark. Exposure ISO 3200 1/12th sec @ f2
  8. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Gary, those are wonderful! And yes, it will be nice when this new software is settled. David
  9. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Today was a sunny day and so not having ventured to Mt Baker all summer and with winter apporaching, we decided to head out for the day. Hoping to hike Twin Lakes we made it a few miles up the very rough fire road when we were told it was overrun with hikers and cars, so we turned back and went to the ski area and Artist Point. This is one of the more famous "postcard" views in the region. I've never photographer there before. It was crowded here too but hard to resist and I carved out a spot for myself.
  10. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    I still have a Thorens that I bought in about '71!
  11. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Odds and ends on the counter...the car is a fixture!
  12. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Gotta love vinyl! Is that a Thorens? David
  13. DwF

    Leica X (Type 113) Photos

    Stanley, Jpegs are working nicely for you! And with color as well- love the green here. David
  14. DwF

    Leica X Vario Photos

    Alright, enough pictures, where's dinner!?
  15. DwF

    Leica X (Type 113) Photos

    Agreed Stanley, the high contrast setting for B&W is good. I usually use DNG but recently set a user profile with High Contrast and was surprised.......it's good!