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  1. Hello! Very glad to see familiar names posting. I too have been taking pictures. This is from the archives, the first day of cherry blossoms in Yeouido Park, Seoul, last year. Taken with my trusty MP, HP5+ 400, and oh my, I have forgotten if this is the 35mm/2.5 or the 50mm/1.4.
  2. Thanks Martin, Ivan, Stuart and David. David, I see what you mean. I could play around with the picture on iPhoto to see what it might look like brighter. Have a good day!
  3. I'm still around. Last week I drove south of Manila to a town called Pila in Laguna. I wanted to be 'invisible,' but these boys spotted me right away and followed me around. So much for flying under the radar. Thanks for looking, Karen [ATTACH]129047[/ATTACH] MP, 35mm Summarit, HP5+ 400 pushed 2 stops (started the roll in a dark church, that's why)
  4. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. The important thing is Rusty had a loving home for his last three years. I have a dachshund too and I love him to bits. Karen
  5. kaytee

    Stop The Time

    Martin, she looks like she has a lot of stories to tell. I agree with the comment about keeping her partly in shadow. Great picture!
  6. Let me add my voice to the chorus: beautiful picture!
  7. Whoa! I wonder if the 10,000 gallon tank will be big enough for when it's fully grown. What do you call this fish? Good picture, Carlos. Karen
  8. Great slideshow! Just like the 'Women are beautiful' series, I love the diversity you showed here. For pictures like this, I do not mind clicking on a link to an external site. Karen
  9. Yes, I like the third very much too! Karen
  10. Yes it is. I do love pictures of everyday things 'mystified.'
  11. kaytee

    My honey and Jed

    It's perfect! Your place looks like it's good for horses and humans!
  12. Hi Jaanika, I agree with what's been said. You captured a wonderful moment. I too think it is love. Why would it not be? K.
  13. kaytee


    What a gentle looking animal.
  14. kaytee


    Beautiful shots of beautiful creatures, Carlos. ~Karen
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