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  1. Thanks otto.f, you should realize that the intentions of this person are not healthy criticism. It is only the attack, without more, does not matter what you try to reason, only matters disturbing, I think we all have already understood, except perhaps jaapv ............
  2. Ohhh, someone deleted my data, my photo, my photos on flickr ... and I fear that soon my
  3. Ohhh, someone deleted my data, my photo, my photos on flickr ... and I fear that soon my
  4. Naturally behind me are going to go for my friend GLOBETROTTER !!
  5. Well folks, I said a couple of truths and I will burn ban, jappv seems very fond of roeladinho Surely the answer to jaapv deleted my post from moderator abandoned, oh my god ..... A pleasure to have met and show my pictures. Best regards.
  6. This moment will be my expulsion from this forum, this place has great people, but also many doubts have some as big as people, I hope you enjoy the wonderful pictures of jaapv and no worry my friends, no problem, I was fun Sorry to say this but I have serious doubts about the behavior of jaapv, I said and I still say that there is a forum troll, and I have to ask you jaapv, you are friends with this character, roelandinho ?? I still think it has come a troll here ..... or maybe two. Regards and the end ......................
  7. ""the warrior, You have been given a warning by jaapv. Reason: Abusive Behaviour"" OH MY GOD ........ Jajaja!!.
  8. My friend GLOBETROTTER tell me that the moderator jaapv has communicated a penalty, but apparently no response when the subject is asked the moderator, I think .......... not. Regards.
  9. Bien, respuestas a sus preguntas: Yo visito el interior de las casas de algunos desfavorecidos y nunca problemas por nada, yo soy respetuoso y además yo conozco bien esos ambientes, he trabajado en la calle en la policía. Yo nunca temo por mis equipos, yo siempre hago amigos, y siempre con respeto, ese es el secreto. La psicología cuenta mucho a la hora de entrar en determinados lugares con determinada gente, la actitud, ya lo he explicado aquí otras veces en post anteriores. - Equipos costosos para hacer fotografía?? : Bueno, realmente no pienso en eso, yo solo utilizo la cámara y el
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