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  1. Thanks for the information about this SSN. This owner had to be a serious photographer to have brassed a BP camera like that.
  2. Thank you, Doug. So at least I know the camera had stayed in US for sometime before settling down in Asia..
  3. Somebody hand crafted a number on the bottom plate. Would anyone know what it is? A phone number or anything related to journalist?
  4. Recently I discovered this topic in the forum. It interested me because I have a M4 BP that falls in Gandy's list of year 1967 M4 black, aka the "first batch of 500'. It is 1181812. I purchased it in 2012 in Hong Kong for regular use and didn't pursue if it had any special authenticity. The top plate was already largely paint-off that the shinny brassed surface attracted me a lot aesthetically to own it without a second thought. Over the years my moderate using it and carelessness add maybe another 10% more of the brassing (e.g. the thin hairline scratches around the script area and more paint-off on the bottom plate). There were different opinions here about the 500 first batch if they were all BP, or chrome original repainted black by factory, or only a small quantity within the batch were BP original, or so on. I think, the more samples are presented, the more we understand the facts behind this batch. First, I believe my M4's serial number should be genuine because a faked one would be costly. The way of paint stripping and left-over bits seem to me quite smooth and natural, basically same as my other BP Leica products ( LTM bodies and old lenses) But I do have some doubts. While the serial digits still maintain some white paint, the Leica scripts are all black! They should have no paint at all, like the M4 script next to the numbers, right? Did someone paint them black after that area was fully brassed? There are black 'stains' scattering the top plate and side. It seems that lacquer had well etched into the metal. Is it normal? The film rewind knob unveils silvery edge, therefore I think it's not made of brass. Someone said here a BP original should have a brass rewind knob. My old eyes could not see if the crank is brass or not. The film rewind release is brass for sure. With a few pictures uploaded, I hope your expertise and judgement could further enlighten me. Thanks for spending time for my little humble M4.
  5. Will give a try. Thanks. I also find the Analogue Efex works better than Silver Efex for both colour and monochrome files when I wish to simulate film effects, especially a TriX look.
  6. GUESS hoardings for its new shop in Beijing. M10, Elmarit-M 1:2.8/28 ASPH @ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/8 handheld.
  7. I've been using MM1 as my main camera with 21/35/50/90 M lenses for numerous trips overseas during the past two years to cover people, streets and sceneries. For colour, I used an A7 last year. It was not a satisfying experience becuase of the red shift limiting the use of lenses wider than 35mm. Since my colour needs are only for I-was-here type of snaps, I am rather convinced now that a high quality, modern smart phone's camera would suit the purpose better.
  8. With a toothpick you can easily peel off the white paint. The camera looks better in my opinion. I did it for my M8 and now the M9.
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