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  1. Pecole

    Table center decoration

    We had some friends for dinner yesterday. My wife decided that the middle of the table needed some kind of decoration : she went to the garden, came back after five minutes and arranged this in another five minutes. My Leica could not resist…
  2. Pecole

    Just a leaf

    Nice and strange colors. And here are some other relatively strange blades snapped yesterday in our garden.
  3. Pecole


    Well, it is Southwest, but European (Algarve, Portugal). Thanks anyhow for commenting!
  4. Pecole

    The leica manual 1935++

    My Fontenelle collection's library comprised - and I still have - the 16 original volumes of the entire collection (nº 14 offering two successive and slightly different editions). I limited myself to original editions.. My Leica library, still in boxes since I do not collect any more, counts around 250 titles, not taking into account hundreds of magazines (Viewfinder, Vidom etc...) bound or not, catalogues and Leitz literature. Blessed old times….
  5. Pecole

    The Flower Thread

    Framed last week Ilha do Farol" (Lighthouse's island), Algarve, Portugal, these two flowers I had never seen.
  6. Pecole

    Wild Algarve

    Not so far from the golf courses of Vilamoura, there is still - fortunately - a wild hilly Algarve (where we live) in Southern Portugal.
  7. Observed yesterday above the region of Faro, Algarve, Portugal. Time to aim and depress and it vanished… Sol was well above, at right.
  8. Pecole


    Snapped yesterday, when walking in the hills around our house.
  9. I just discovered the present thread today. All what I can say is that I bought a complete R3 Safari set - including a Safari binocular - in 1978 for a world tour in family, and that I still use the tiny Trinovid 10x22C forty years later. With total satisfaction...and digital Leica camera, of course.
  10. Pecole

    Le Chat Noir

    With much imagination (and a good eye), d'accord (or OK). But the image is nice. Thanks for both the pleasure and the mental training.
  11. Pecole

    Yucca flowering

    Correction (formal order by my wife) : it is the first time I NOTICE the flowering of the yucca . in fact, they flower every year, but "you pay more attention to your bloody Leicas than to the garden". And it is also true that, like for the cactus, the flowering is very short. OK : error confessed is half forgiven...
  12. Pecole

    Yucca flowering

    It is the first time since we moved to this house in Southern Algarve, Portugal, that one of our yuccas is flowering. Taking the picture was not an easy task, since the flower was atop of the plant, about 3.50 meter high. And my 84 years of age do not help even stepping on a ladder. Fortunately enough, my daughter was around, and the Leica made the rest.
  13. Pecole

    What insect is this?

    Thanks to all ! I went to Google, and got confirmation it was some kind of Hummingbird moth and - as says Gobert (dank U) - quite common in Southern Europe.
  14. Pecole

    What insect is this?

    It is the first time I see this insect here in Southern Portugal. It is about 25mm long and - despite its look close to a butterfly - flies very fast like a fly and is quite noisy. Two entered our house last week, and I'd like to know their name and if it is common in Southern Europe. Any help?
  15. And it is interesting to remind that the original idea of the Leica 250, comes from a Belgian photographer who was in charge of reporting the religious ceremonies where hundreds of kids made either their first communion or received their "confirmation" from the Cardinal of Belgium in the city of Malines (Mechelen in Flemish). He received the two prototypes serialled 114051 and 52. Both remained in Belgium, one (the chrome plated nº114052 in strictly original condition) in my former Fontenelle collection, the other, nº114051, black painted and unfortunately later brought to "250 standards", in my friend Jean-Paul Bachely's collection.