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  1. Duh, as I said, I feel so stupid. I'm mostly a film user, the 240 is my first really nice digital, although I have owned a few Pentax DSLRs over the years. Thanks for your replies. Wayne
  2. I've owned my 240 for about 3 years and today I noticed something new. In the bottom corner is a split box. One side is red, the other is blue. I am sure that it was not there before, so I must have done something in settings, but I cannot find out what. It does not show up on the final photos. But, what is it? Thanks in advance. Wayne
  3. I’m also a Pentax (film) user and I have several K and KA lenses. I also have a Novoflex adapter for Pentax lenses, and an Olympus electronic viewfinder. I’m surprised how well the Pentax lenses work on the Leica, although they look a bit out of place. I recently tried an old 70-200mm zoom to photograph the recent “Christmas Star”. Considering that my zoom is decades old, the result wasn’t too bad. I own a Macro-Elmer (90mm) with the macro adapter, but find that my 50mm macro KA Pentax also gives acceptable results.
  4. You remember? My enlarger sits on the laundry shelf, my developer tray on the dryer, the stop bath shares the washer and dryer, and my fixer on the washer. Between that and the laundry sink, where I wash my prints, are permanent stains in the floor. Dust is a constant battle. Garbage bags help protect the enlarger when not in use, wine helps protect my emotions when in use. Wayne
  5. Thanks. I’ve let this get me really down. I’ve reverted to my secondary hobby, riding bicycles, to work off the anxieties. Recently I’ve decided to do something about it, and volunteered for phase three of the trials. That has also helped my emotions, so I’m going to also order some new chemicals and get back into the darkroom. Sorry for the hijack. Wayne
  6. I’ve also had one of my batteries only reaching 80% charge, the other one reads 100% after a charge. I’m not using my camera much now due to travel restrictions, so I just let it sit until I got the low battery warning. After a full charge it now reads 100%, I don’t know why. My camera is 3 years old, and the second battery is only two years old. Neither have been charged more than a half a dozen times. Glad to know what ever the problem was, it fixed itself by allowing it to almost reach full discharge. Wayne
  7. I agree. When I am in a hurry I zone focus. I've been doing that for years with my Rollie 35, I find it easier than focusing in low light. I do like the electronic viewfinder with the macro lens though, much better than looking at the display.
  8. I just updated mine. I've never done this before on a Leica, although I have updated Pentax cameras several times. I must say I was worried, but it was just as easy as a Pentax, and much faster. So far I cannot tell any difference. All my settings are the same. A few test shots also shows no difference. Wayne
  9. Update. My wife's surgery went ok, they did not put in a pacemaker, but a loop recorder. After the surgery her heart rate fell to the 20's a couple of hours later, but recovered. This scared everyone there, she became unconscious and had to be lifted back into bed. They sent her home the next day with instructions to come back in two weeks to see what the recorder says. She may then get the pacemaker. I got the 90mm Elmar and this is the first macro shot I've done. It was shot wide open. The image is pretty much out of the camera. I set it to B&W film, no filter. I did aut
  10. Thanks, that made me laugh. The additional funny thing is, tomorrow is not only her surgery, but also her birthday. Some present I'm giving her, stitches.
  11. KEH came through, the 90mm macro lens arrived this morning. First impression, it probably has never been used. Even the leather case was like new. One thing though, it is not coded. That is ok, none of my other lenses are coded, however my macro adapter is. I'm not sure what the coding does anyway, other than record what lens was used on the camera when the shot was taken. As a mild telephoto lens, it works well. I focused with the rangefinder, while also comparing it to the electronic view finder. The lens focus perfectly. With the macro adapter on, the rangefinder no longer is
  12. I spent part of today searching for another 90mm Elmar. Found several, but none were as nice as the one from KEH. My wife suggested that we call them again, but talk to sales this time. She called and spoke to a representative there that read the full transcript of what happened. She apologized for the issue, suggested we place the order again. We did, and it went through without any issues. We explained that we would not be here for the scheduled delivery because of her surgery. She apologized again for the mixup and changed the order to next day delivery at no additional charge. She
  13. I notified KEH that I no longer wanted the 90mm lens after I checked the status of the order this morning. I also instructed them to reverse my credit card charge too. I’ll find another lens later after my wife has recovered from her surgery. She is having a pacemaker installed Friday. The survey is simple, but her activities will be limited, thus I won’t shooting photos anyway for awhile. Since I already have the macro adapter, I want a lens that works better with it than my 50 or 25mm lenses. I think the 90mm lens would have worked well Thanks, Wayne
  14. Guess I’ll have to start the shopping process over. I ordered the 90mm macro lens from KEH Friday. Today (Monday) I got an email telling my credit card was not approved. I was on a bicycle ride at the time, so I could not check my credit card statement. KEH asked me to pay either by PayPal, or with a money transfer. I declined and told them to cancel the order. When I got home I checked my credit card account and saw that they charged it for the full amount, plus tax, plus 2nd day shipping. I called them and asked what was going on. I asked them why they wanted me to pay twice fo
  15. I read the review on the 90mm macro lens. KEH has one at about 2/3 the cost of new. Now I’ll have to persuade my wife that I need one. Thanks, Wayne Update. The one I was looking at KEH was black, and in Excellent condition. Today it sold, but they had another one that is silver and Like New (-). Wife said ok, so I ordered it. It should be here in a couple of days. Attached is a photo that I shot a couple of days ago with the Pentax KA lens attached. I like B&W, the flower was backlighted by natural light. I shot it in RAW then over exposed it in Adobe. Then c
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