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  1. I downloaded the firmware to my new iMac and I am unable to open it to save to a card. It claims that I don't have an application to open it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  2. I owned an SL when it first came out. Only used the M lenses because I was concerned about the size and weight. Traded it in for the Q2. I like the Q2, but just not as jazzed as I could be with it. Not a big fan of the auto focus, and the metering isn't to my liking. Still use my M10 with a 21 mm, 35 mm and 50 mm. I never use video, but I like the idea of the ISO range on the SL2-s vs the SL2. So I am thinking of trading my Q2 for a SL2-S. Am I crazy? have others dropped the Q2 for an SL2 or SL2-S? Thanks
  3. Finally.. I have retired!! I have a Q2, M10, 21 mm f/3.4, 35 mm f/2, my Dad's old 135 mm, f/4.5, 50 mm, f/1.4, all M's. So I am thinking of the SL-2, Had the SL while I was working, and found it only good on car vacations. So I sold it for the Q2. So I am now looking at the new SL-2, what SL lens would you buy if you could only buy one?? Never made a nickel with my photos, nor do I every plan to. This is a total feel good purchase.
  4. How is the 90-280 without an extender for bird photos? When I went to Africa I used my Canon 400 mm and it was fine. Since that trip in 2005, I have been all Leica. Comments please.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I own a Q2, and enjoy the ease of use. On my M10 I use the 21 mm, 35 cron and the 50 lux. I had an SL with an adapter, but I decided to trade back to an M( I had an M8) I had a 24-90 on loan for my SL, but the weight was nuts. Now looking at the SL2 and a 75 or 90. Comments? Thanks
  6. If you could only afford one lens with the SL2, what would it be?
  7. I have been using my Q2 almost all the time. Barely touching my M10. As I age I am really liking auto focus. So I am thinking of trading my M10 towards a n SL2. I have 5 M lenes and I would love to use them again. Thanks, Cheers
  8. I have an iMac. I downloaded the file to my download folder, then drag it to my card. When inserted into the camera, it claims no update seen. Any hints? Thanks
  9. Any news on when the Q2 will ship in the US?
  10. Any photos of the Safari with a black lens?
  11. Please let me paint a picture.. Sixty two year old doctor..still working and loving what he does...On his way to work...perhaps has some medical charts, perhaps some leftovers from the night before, but always his current M-10 with the lens Du Jour. Just in case that Pulitzer Prize winning photo is just around the next bend. I want and need that brief case!! I am 62!! Not looking for a backpack, not looking for the messenger bag that is made of some material that had it been on the Titanic, they could have patched the hole! And guess what? Not to say that money is no object, but I have been working like crazy for decades! I am willing to pay for that perfect case. What is that Case?? Charts, lunch, and camera?? Please let it match my tan pants and blue shirt!! Cheers and Happy holidays!!
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