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  1. I have now this lens bag. The Apo-Telyt-Modul-R 800 mm f/5.6 fits perfectly (with the lens hood reversed). I haven't really use it yet. The lens should not move. The bottom of the bag holds the large lens cap well. On the focusing module, there is a flexible protection in two parts. A tripod can be fixed (there is a removable pocket and several belts for that). The bag can be covered by a weather protection, if the rain is heavy).
  2. For the tripod, I use a Gitzo G1325 with an Arca Swiss ball head (B1). The Leica heads have customed Arca Swiss plates (photos here).
  3. I move this lens for years, using the original case (Leica 14526) and its strap (see here). It's not very comfortable to carry but I can sit on it 😎 For smaller lenses, I have a backpack (and old Lowepro Nature Trekker II AW). I'm considering buying a backpack than can hold the 800 mm f/5,6. Any idea for this usage? I've seen the 3 models below : Lowepro "Lens Trekker 600 AW III" Vanguard "Alta Sky 66" Tamrac "Anvil Super 25" But a user's opinion would be ideal. The prominent grip of the Leica 400/560/800 head can be a difficulty.
  4. 1 image taken with a R9/Digital-Modul-R and the 400 mm f/2,8 (Modular). 1 image taken with the same lens mounted on a SL (Type 601).
  5. You were luckier than me in July 2018: I had seen the Moon only at the end of the eclipse, because of the clouds.
  6. R9/Digital-Modul-R, Apo-Macro-Elmarit-R 100 mm Photo taken for the 14 years of this digital back (on a 17 years R9). Well, the batteries are almost dead, I have taken the photo using the AC Adapter. But the set is working well.
  7. The red Moon of July 2018, taken with my own dinosaur 😉 (800 mm modul on a SL)
  8. For this topic, the Leica Customers Service has given me this answer: [...] it looks that the coding on your module-system doesn’t work properly. Maybe the ledge is dirty or one or two electronic parts are malfunctioning or compressed, but this is very hard to judge from here. Unfortunately we are not able to check this or repair the focus-modules here in our workshop, as our testing-devices are no longer available. Please clean the ledges with pure alcohol prior to other steps or ask my colleagues [...] for assistance. If the ledges will be malfunctioning we are not able to repair and you have to live with the manual detection. Sorry for that. Hoping this short information will be helpful. So, I took the time to clean closely all the contacts of my Apo-Telyt-Modul-R set (the ones of the 3 focus modules + the ones of the 2 heads). There is no change in the behaviour. I’m still obliged to chose manually the right lens in the menu. Well, it’s not a big issue. But it’s strange to have this on the SL while my old Digital-Modul-R displays always the right focal length. All my other R lenses with ROM are automatically recognised by the SL. I'll be curious to know if some users with the same equipment (a Leica SL + the official adapter + at least one of these 6 combinations) have an automatic display of the lens.
  9. A funny thing : the adapter read the exact focal 😎 Seen in Lightroom, my 35 mm is a 36 mm. But there are limitations. My 280 mm f/4 (a 276 mm) is not a 560 mm when I attach an Apo-Extender-R 2x (with ROM) 😟With a R9/DMR, the right focal is displayed. (same lens without or with the extender) An other issue : the Apo-Telyt modules are not recognised, I have to chose the lens using the menu. Of course, these lenses have ROM (and this ROM works on a R9/DMR). I have already contact Leica for this limitation, the bug is still present 😠 For the aperture, it's not a firmware issue : without the mechanics, I think the the value is not transmitted to the body. An adapter with the automatic stop-down would have been even more expensive. In use, with the EVF of the SL, it's not a need.
  10. From Toulouse, South of France, I've seen the red Moon only during few minutes. SL + Apo-Telyt-R 800 mm f/5,6
  11. SL & Apo-Telyt-R 280, pleasant to use, with good results
  12. Available soon ! http://us.leica-camera.com/Photography/General-Accessories/General-Accessories/SF60-and-SFC1#
  13. R lenses: identification of the modular Apo-Tely-R (currently 'Unknown Lens').
  14. I answer to my own question. I performed a test using the SL and the modular Apo-Telyt-R, with the R-Adapter L and with two adapters (M-Adapter T + R-Adapter M). The test is available in French on this page. Conclusion: the mechanical vignetting disappears with the R-Adapter L It exists on the M with the R-Adapter M or on the SL with the combination of two adapters. The root cause is the R-Adapter M. Leica SL + R-Adapter L + Apo-Telyt-R 1:5.6 / 800 mm
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